Daily Lessons for Teaching And I Don't Want to Live This Life

Deborah Spungen
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Lesson 1 (from The Aftermath and Chapters 1-2)


The Aftermath and Chapters 1-2

In the chapter "The Aftermath," Deborah Spungen describes the emotion she felt when her daughter is murdered. She expresses a myriad of feelings including anger, grief, and hope. This lesson will focus on Deborah Spungen's purpose for writing this book.


1) Class Discussion: Students will discuss how the media's attention surrounding Nancy's murder inspired Deborah to tell Nancy's story. How was Nancy portrayed in the media? Why did Deborah feel it necessary to set the record straight about her daughter? What did Nancy want people to know about Nancy? How did the press treat the Spungens following Nancy's death? Would Deborah have written this book had the press not been intrusive?

2) Journal Writing: Students will discuss Deborah's personal motives for writing this book. What was Deborah struggling to understand about Nancy in the wake of her death? What actions did Deborah...

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