And I Don't Want to Live This Life Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Deborah Spungen
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The Aftermath and Chapters 1-2

• Deborah Spungen was overwhelmed by the death of her daughter Nancy.

• The press was a constant presence in the Spungens' lives.

• Sid Vicious, Nancy's boyfriend, had been arrested for her murder but overdosed before trial.

• Writing this book helped Deborah grieve for her daughter.

• Deborah gave birth to Nancy five weeks early.

• Deborah was concerned that something was wrong with Nancy.

• The doctors ignored Deborah's concerns.

• Nancy was born cyanotic and was jaundiced.

• Nancy had a blood transfusion and was sent home declared healthy by the doctors.
• Nancy cried for hours, and Deborah blamed herself.

• Deborah took her to a new pediatrician and insisted that something was wrong.

• The doctor said that Deborah indulged Nancy and that she was fine.

• The doctor eventually prescribed phenobarbital for Nancy, but it was not a cure.

Chapters 3-4

• Frank and Deborah had a second child named...

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