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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Set know where to go to begin his quest for a vision?
(a) His spirit had told him.
(b) Kope'mah had told him.
(c) Jessie Mottledmare had told him.
(d) Grey and Lela had told him.

2. Why did the old wanderers consider the plains the most sacred of sacred grounds?
(a) It was the center of the world.
(b) It had no European settlers.
(c) It had no fences.
(d) It was fertile land.

3. Why does Grey think she is beautiful?
(a) Because she is healthy and young.
(b) Because she is Native American.
(c) Because she is strong and restless.
(d) Because she is tall and slim.

4. What did Koi-ehm-toya's great-great-grandson dream of in his old age?
(a) Things that had happened before his time.
(b) Things that happened in his childhood.
(c) Things that would happen in the future.
(d) Things that happened to his parents.

5. What was the vision that Set was looking for?
(a) His future.
(b) The bear.
(c) Tsoai.
(d) The Big Dipper.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Terriman discuss with Set?

2. How is Set's health as he begins his vision quest?

3. What did Koi-ehm-toya's great-great-grandson put on his shields?

4. How does Grey feel during the heavy rainstorms of the plains?

5. How unusual is Set's kind of breakdown?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who becomes the maker of shields?

2. For what does Grey thank Lola Bourne?

3. How does Worcester Meat feel when he dies?

4. What is the Kaitsenko Society?

5. What does Set feel as he opens the medicine bundle?

6. What does Set mean when he tells Lela that the bear stands against him, and that he is the bear?

7. What does Grey see of Set beyond his physical appearance?

8. How does Set respond to the hospital staff's diagnosis and explanations of his condition?

9. What is the vision that Set hopes to see?

10. In his old age, what is the last thing that the shield maker dreams? Why is this dream of his significant?

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