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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What relief does Lola Bourne get from writing her letter to Set?
(a) A sense of satisfaction.
(b) No relief.
(c) Some relief.
(d) A sense of bewilderment.

2. What does Set have to learn to converse with Lela?
(a) An oblique, proper form of conversation.
(b) Weaving.
(c) Navajo.
(d) To speak frankly.

3. What does Dr. Terriman say about Lola Bourne''s ability to help Set?
(a) Your love is powerful enough to cure him.
(b) The love of 100 women would not be enough.
(c) Love will see him through.
(d) Love is all you need.

4. What did Koi-ehm-toya's great-great-grandson dream of in his old age?
(a) Things that happened in his childhood.
(b) Things that would happen in the future.
(c) Things that had happened before his time.
(d) Things that happened to his parents.

5. What does Grey see just as Set is arriving at the Mottledmare's home?
(a) A vision of the plains people.
(b) A vision of her future with Set.
(c) A vision of Set's breakdown.
(d) A vision of Billy the Kid.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Set returns to his adoptive father Bent's house, who does he see at first in his mind's eye?

2. What word does Set thinks best describes Grey's personality?

3. What increases the bond between Set and Grey?

4. What kept Maman-ti from dismounting to take shelter from the storm?

5. Which direction did the Kiowa travel?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Grey know that Set will act in the proper way?

2. What is the vision that Set hopes to see?

3. How does Set respond to the hospital staff's diagnosis and explanations of his condition?

4. In his old age, what is the last thing that the shield maker dreams? Why is this dream of his significant?

5. Grey closes one calendar and opens another in Chapter Eleven of Book Two. What do these different calendars represent?

6. What characteristic does Grey say is shared by her mother and her sister and her niece?

7. As Grey changes from a girl to a woman, how does Set's attitude toward her change?

8. Who is the boy that Set sees and hears in the garden of his old house?

9. In Chapter Twelve, Grey does something that has been important to her for the last time. What is it?

10. How does Grey feel about herself during her pregnancy?

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