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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Jamison sometimes tempted to do?
(a) Have an affair
(b) Commit suicide
(c) Lower her dosage of lithium
(d) Divorce

2. What does Jamison say always accompanied her descent into depression?
(a) Hate
(b) Love
(c) Fear
(d) A headache

3. What does Jamison not want to rule out when talking about mental illness?
(a) Seriousness
(b) Slang
(c) Informality
(d) Humor

4. What did one psychiatrist tell Jamison never to have?
(a) Pets
(b) A husband
(c) A lobotomy
(d) Children

5. What kind of book does the Englishman give Jamison?
(a) A book on love
(b) A book on medicine
(c) A book on manic depression
(d) A book on ironic humor

6. Which drug did Schou conduct clinical trials on?
(a) Lithium
(b) Pervatine
(c) Halpol
(d) Seroxat

7. What is the correct medical diagnosis of Jamison's illness?
(a) Bi-polar
(b) Schizophrenia
(c) Clinical depression
(d) Manic depression

8. What did the woman think that Jamison's choice of words would do to sufferers of mental illness?
(a) Free them
(b) Arm them
(c) Romanticize them
(d) Stigmitize them

9. Where does Jamison say most scientists now believe manic depressive illness comes from?
(a) Too much television
(b) Monkeys
(c) Isolation
(d) The Family

10. What does Jamison say is part of who she is?
(a) Her violent mood swings
(b) Her family
(c) Her children
(d) Her husband

11. Who does Jamison invite to lunch?
(a) Her sister
(b) The department chairman
(c) John Hopkins
(d) Her brother

12. What did James Watson discover?
(a) Lithium
(b) DNA double helix
(c) FDA triple bic
(d) Halpol

13. What can Jamison do now she is taking less lithium?
(a) Laugh
(b) Fall in love
(c) Eat beans
(d) Read for pleasure

14. What does Jamison say is the one regret of her life?
(a) Not having children
(b) Not going to her father's funeral
(c) Selling her horse
(d) Not telling her brother she loved him

15. What can her mania lead to?
(a) Euphoria
(b) Fun
(c) Bullying
(d) Insanity

Short Answer Questions

1. What would there not be enough of if psychiatric issues stopped people from getting clinical privileges?

2. What did her illness destroy?

3. What does Jamison start to take regularly after David's death?

4. What question does Jamison pose at the beginning of the chapter?

5. In which city does Jamison take a sabbatical?

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