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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Richard's title?
(a) Prince
(b) Professor
(c) Lord
(d) Doctor

2. In which city does Richard live?
(a) Los Angeles
(b) Seattle
(c) Washington D.C.
(d) New York

3. Why would Jamison want to lower her medication?
(a) To lose weight
(b) To communicate better
(c) To think clearly
(d) To relive the excitement of her moods

4. Which of the following words or phrases does Jamison not use to describe her depressive episodes?
(a) Deaden her spirits
(b) Standstill
(c) Life-in-death blankness
(d) Deep cave like blackness

5. Who does Jamison take with her on her long walks?
(a) Her dog
(b) Her son
(c) Her cat
(d) Richard Wyatt

6. Which of the following does Jamison state will contribute to the change in the way people perceive mental illness?
(a) Television
(b) The government
(c) Cinema
(d) Family members

7. What did Jamison think she would feel when she opened up about her illness?
(a) Stupid
(b) Loved
(c) Relief
(d) Embarrassment

8. What does Jamison say has made her life bearable?
(a) Human contact
(b) Work
(c) Religion
(d) Love

9. What does Jamison say always accompanied her descent into depression?
(a) A headache
(b) Love
(c) Fear
(d) Hate

10. What can her mania lead to?
(a) Insanity
(b) Bullying
(c) Fun
(d) Euphoria

11. Which section of Washington DC does Richard live in?
(a) Shaw
(b) Georgetown
(c) Columbia Heights
(d) Alexandria

12. What would Jamison want to be available if she chose to be manic depressive?
(a) Psychiatry
(b) Hospitals
(c) Lithium
(d) Love

13. Which of the following gave Jamison great pleasure when she was in the midst of a manic mood?
(a) Chocolate
(b) Reading
(c) Sex
(d) Animals

14. What notable award has James Watson won?
(a) The Hugo Award
(b) The Nobel Prize
(c) The Mercury Award
(d) The Booker Prize

15. What does the lower dose of lithium allow Jamison to do?
(a) Watch television
(b) Play sport
(c) Lecture students
(d) Eperience her emotions more fully

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jamison invite to lunch?

2. What does Jamison say emotional stability is a sign of?

3. Which of the following sometimes triggers a memory of earlier days as a manic depressive?

4. What drug does Jamison compare the addictiveness of her manic states to?

5. What does Jamison ponder in this chapter?

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