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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14 "Epilogue".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is threatened when Jamison enters are depressive stage?
(a) Her life
(b) Her family
(c) Her marriage
(d) Her work

2. Which American poet does Jamison reference in this chapter?
(a) Delmore Schwartz
(b) Erza Pound
(c) T.S Elliot
(d) Walt Whitman

3. Why does Jamison not have children?
(a) Se does not wnat want them to inherit her illness
(b) She is infertile
(c) Richard already has children
(d) She does not like children

4. What does Jamison not think is such a good idea?
(a) Political and medical correctness
(b) Two mentally ill people getting married
(c) Mentally ill people having children
(d) The use of slang to describe mental illness

5. What notable award has James Watson won?
(a) The Mercury Award
(b) The Nobel Prize
(c) The Hugo Award
(d) The Booker Prize

Short Answer Questions

1. What country has David been assigned to?

2. What does Jamison say has made her life bearable?

3. What does Jamison doubt she can remember to conduct?

4. What does Jamison say she is grateful for?

5. In which English city does Jamison spend a few months in?

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