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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12 "Clinical Privileges".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What message does the Englishman write in the book?
(a) Thank you for a lovely weekend. They tell me it rained.
(b) Marry me
(c) Thank you for everything.
(d) Forget me and you can forget life

2. What is the only drug Jamison says can save her?
(a) Lithium
(b) Halpol
(c) Amphetimenes
(d) Morphine

3. What does the lower dose of lithium allow Jamison to do?
(a) Watch television
(b) Eperience her emotions more fully
(c) Play sport
(d) Lecture students

4. What does Jamison start to take regularly after David's death?
(a) Halpol
(b) LSD
(c) Morphine
(d) Lithium

5. What does Schou share with Jamison?
(a) A family history of manic depression
(b) A love for research
(c) A love for poetry
(d) A military family

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following colorful expressions does Jamison use in this chapter?

2. What does Jamison say takes hours to do when she is depressed?

3. What word Jamison used at a presentation made a woman angry?

4. In what room does Jamison sleep in to help with her feelings of nausea?

5. What sea does Jamison say makes the weather harsh at St. Andrew's?

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