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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 "Missing Saturn".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What nationality is Jamison's husband?
(a) German
(b) French
(c) English
(d) Japanese

2. Why does Jamison shoplift a blouse?
(a) She is too impatient to wait
(b) For part of her research
(c) She does not like the shop
(d) She wants to know if she can get away with it

3. What does Jamison join in 1974?
(a) The Yale Faculty
(b) The UCLA faculty
(c) The bi-polar society
(d) The Tennyson society

4. What title is Jamison given at he end of this chapter?
(a) Lady
(b) Saint
(c) Professor
(d) Doctor

5. What was Jamison doing when the military jet crashed?
(a) Playing in the school yard
(b) Learning math
(c) Flying a kite
(d) Eating lunch

Short Answer Questions

1. What sea does Jamison say makes the weather harsh at St. Andrew's?

2. What does Jamison find too emotional?

3. What does Jamison decide to do before entertaining guests?

4. What does Jamison say was filled with warmth, friendship and confidence?

5. In what room does Jamison sleep in to help with her feelings of nausea?

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