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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 "Missing Saturn".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is threatened when Jamison enters are depressive stage?
(a) Her family
(b) Her work
(c) Her marriage
(d) Her life

2. What was Jamison doing when the military jet crashed?
(a) Eating lunch
(b) Flying a kite
(c) Playing in the school yard
(d) Learning math

3. What is manic depression also known as?
(a) Manic moods
(b) Black dog
(c) SAD
(d) Bi-polar

4. What does Jamison's father find it difficult to do when he is clinically depressed?
(a) Go for walks
(b) Talk on the phone
(c) Get out of bed
(d) Play ping pong

5. Which of the book's character's says off we go into the wild blue yonder?
(a) Jamison's brother
(b) Jamison's father
(c) Jamison's mother
(d) Jamison's sister

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps Jamison pay off her debts?

2. What does the air crash become a metaphor for?

3. Why can Jamison not afford spending sprees?

4. Which children's book does Jamison reread?

5. What does Jamison decide she needs to be patient with?

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