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Washington, DC

The city of Jamison's birth and early childhood; where she is wrapped in a cocoon of eastern etiquette and the stability of a military social order.

Pacific Palisades

The freewheeling California city where Jamison attends high school after her father retires from the Air Force.

University of St. Andrews

The renowned Scottish university where Jamison studies for a year during her undergraduate career at UCLA.


Jamison attends college here. She originally hoped to attend an Ivy League college, but this college turns out to be just right for her.


The city where Jamison's lover, Dr. David Laurie lives.

Los Angeles

The city where Jamison attends high school and college.


A metallic salt compound proven effective in managing manic-depressive illness: one that Jamison resists chronically in the earlier stages of her disease.


This is an anti-psychotic medication often used to quell manic states...

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