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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 "Into the Sun")


Jamison takes the reader from her earliest years of innocence and sunshine to the increasingly darker world of psychosis in her last year at high school in California.

The aim of this lesson is to examine Jamison's childhood.


1) Class discussion. How do the students think Jamison' s childhood affected her later life? Do they think Jamison was trying to rediscover the years when she states she was at her happiest? What parts of Jamison's childhood do the students think affected her later depression? How important is person's childhood? How can it affect their later years?

2) Write a 500-word essay evolving around the following statement. Jamison's adult life never lived up to the happiness she experienced as a child, which partly contributed to her depression.

3) Write two monologues. One detailing Jamison's thoughts as a child and the other one detailing her thoughts as an adult.

4) Homework...

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