An Unquiet Mind Character Descriptions

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Kay Redfield Jamison - She is unusual in that she, herself, suffers from manic-depressive illness, and has successfully used that intimate knowledge of the disease to help others.

Her brother - He was the author's childhood pal and strong emotional and intellectual support in adulthood.

Her sister - Theauhtor confronts her over her use of medication to control her disease. From early in their childhood, Jamison knows her as someone with a short temper and sharp tongue.

Her mother - She is a steady wellspring of love, warmth and nurturing. She helps the author to recover from her early bouts of manic-depression and serves as a role model of reasonable, rational behavior.

Her father - An Air Force pilot and scientist, he is prone to flights of whimsy that entertain his children as youngsters.

Her psychiatrist (therapist) - He received high marks for compassion and skill, and...

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