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Etty Hillesum
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why might the Jews of Deventer not be allowed to own certain types of property?
(a) The Germans do not believe they are intelligent enough to own property.
(b) The Germans want to hold onto their property until after the war.
(c) The Jews do not understand how important property is.
(d) The Germans want to slowly take over their lives.

2. Etty later grasps the magnitude of her choice not to do what?
(a) Go into hiding or attempt to "save" herself in any way.
(b) Admit she is a Jew.
(c) Save her family.
(d) Move out of the house.

3. Etty is hyper-alert, hyper-conscious of what?
(a) The actions of the other Jews.
(b) What is taking place all around her.
(c) Her actions.
(d) What is taking place in her heart.

4. Why does Etty feel guilty about her life, compared to others?
(a) She is much more prepared for her future than others.
(b) She has not given to others as much as she would like.
(c) Others are forced to make due with considerably less than her.
(d) Others harbor much more fear in their hearts.

5. Etty comes to accept and value her role as what?
(a) Witness.
(b) Helper.
(c) Warrior.
(d) Teacher.

6. Etty remains stalwart in what?
(a) Her refusal to take the blame for her guilt.
(b) Her refusal to take a negative view of life.
(c) Her refusal to place blame on the Germans.
(d) Her refusal to give up Spier.

7. Does Etty accept her own feeling of bearing a burden?
(a) Yes, somewhat.
(b) No.
(c) Yes.
(d) Yes, at first.

8. Where does Etty live?
(a) In a non-Jewish household.
(b) In a Jewish household.
(c) In an apartment.
(d) In an inn.

9. Etty's reliance is completely on who?
(a) Her mother.
(b) God.
(c) Spier.
(d) Herself.

10. Etty finally has a glimpse of her place where?
(a) In Amsterdam.
(b) In a concentration camp.
(c) In society.
(d) In the larger historical picture.

11. Does Etty rise above her bitterness about the truth of the Jews' plight in Holland?
(a) No.
(b) Yes.
(c) Only at first.
(d) Only much later.

12. With what idea does Etty deal?
(a) The idea of having faith in something that you cannot see.
(b) The idea of one's own mortality.
(c) The idea of loving those who hate you.
(d) The idea of willingly, fearlessly bearing one's own burdens and the burdens of those in one's community.

13. What does Etty believe the answer to number 100 would do?
(a) Be foolhardy.
(b) Limit her accessibility.
(c) Be a waste of time.
(d) Be selfish.

14. Approximately one week later, Etty Hillesum volunteers to do what?
(a) Be deported to Westerbork.
(b) Be sent to America.
(c) Be a teacher.
(d) Be deported to Auschwitz.

15. When does Spier die?
(a) In November of 1942.
(b) In September of 1942.
(c) In January of 1942.
(d) In April of 1942.

Short Answer Questions

1. What else does Etty come to love?

2. When does Etty not allow her faith to lapse?

3. It is at this time that Etty realizes that she and Spier may have no future because of what?

4. Etty praises God when?

5. [On July 15], 1942, Etty secures a position in what?

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