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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book IV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what way was Locke's perspective unique in the debate between free will and fate?
(a) He advocated experiments in free will.
(b) He proposed a third position.
(c) He demonstrated the inevitability of free choice.
(d) He proposed different ways to tempt fate.

2. How does Locke say the concept of innate knowledge ultimately fails?
(a) Knowledge can only be known through language and symbols.
(b) People have different ideas of the terms in any proposition.
(c) Even instincts require reinforcement.
(d) The genes cannot be made to demonstrate the origins of knowledge.

3. What happens to a particular idea when you practice abstraction?
(a) You see the opposite of the idea.
(b) You see it in context.
(c) You subtract particulars.
(d) You use it for religious purposes.

4. What do we get from the fact that ideas that come from experience are taken to be representational?
(a) Certainty that knowledge is related to ideas.
(b) The distinction between knowledge of the world and spiritual knowledge.
(c) Certainty that knowledge is about the real world.
(d) The basis for skepticism.

5. What are modes, according to Locke?
(a) Halves of a paradox.
(b) Opposites.
(c) Methods of describing things.
(d) Combinations of substances.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do verbal propositions reflect, according to Locke?

2. What question does sensitive knowledge answer for Locke?

3. What does Locke say about the knowledge of how property rules should be established?

4. Where does Locke say we see the origin of our idea of number?

5. When does desire become action, in Locke's opinion?

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