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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book IV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Locke say liberty is aimed at?
(a) Pursuit of profit.
(b) Relief of suffering.
(c) Pursuit of happiness.
(d) Compassion for others.

2. How does Locke define probability?
(a) The chance that an idea might have been arrived at accidentally.
(b) The preservation of disagreement in agreement.
(c) The likelihood that a proposition is true.
(d) The appearance of agreement without proof.

3. What is the limit toward which our idea of number extends, according to Locke?
(a) Ultimate variety.
(b) Zero.
(c) Infinity.
(d) One.

4. How has God formed man, according to Locke?
(a) To be sociable.
(b) To be warlike.
(c) To be self-seeking.
(d) To be devout.

5. In what way was Locke's perspective unique in the debate between free will and fate?
(a) He advocated experiments in free will.
(b) He proposed different ways to tempt fate.
(c) He demonstrated the inevitability of free choice.
(d) He proposed a third position.

Short Answer Questions

1. What question does sensitive knowledge answer for Locke?

2. What are all words generated by, in Locke's account?

3. How does Locke describe pleasure and pain?

4. Where does sensitive knowledge come from?

5. What claim is Locke attacking in "Essay Concerning Human Understanding"?

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