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Essay Topic 1

Write a character sketch of the author based on his style and content. What values does he hold dear? What are his hopes and fears? What kind of person do you think he is? Anchor your sketch in passages in the book.

Essay Topic 2

What is missing from this book? What should have been covered or presented that was not? What is the effect of this absence?

Essay Topic 3

To what degree is this book internally consistent? How much does it follow the rules it lays out?

Essay Topic 4

Where is the climax of this book? Are there different climaxes? What questions do they resolve?

Essay Topic 5

What makes this book an essay? Is there a better term for it?

Essay Topic 6

In the beginning of "Essay Concerning Human Understanding," Locke says that variability in people's ideas undermines the possibility of innate knowledge. Analyzing Locke's writing...

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