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Short Answer Questions

1. Who in Act II Scene 1 wants the article limited to the current matter and is not in favor of going after the entire city administration?

2. As Peter speaks in Act II Scene 2, a man in the crowd shouts that Tom should be what?

3. When Tom returns in Act II Scene 1, he emphasizes again to Aslaksen that he does not want to be treated like what?

4. What refers to someone radically new or innovative who stands for revolt?

5. Against the objection of some, Aslaksen is named what in Act II Scene 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. What conversation does Petra have with Peter in Act II Scene 2?

2. Who is allowed to talk first in the meeting? What does he state?

3. What does Tom tell Hovstad to do when he enters in Act II Scene 1? Why?

4. What does Tom threaten when the crowd attempts to silence him in Act II Scene 2?

5. Where does Act II Scene 2 begin? Why is Horster a part of the assembly?

6. How does Hovstad respond to Petra's questioning in Act II Scene 1? What does Petra do?

7. What does Tom response when several in the crowd call him a revolutionist in Act II Scene 2?

8. How and why does Peter enter the office in Act II Scene 1?

9. What suggestion about Tom does Billing make in Act II Scene 1?

10. After Tom leaves in Act II Scene 1, What do Hovstad and Aslaksen discuss about him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the relationship between Hovstad and Billing? Are they on equal footing? Are they both sincere about their politics?

Essay Topic 2

Explain the finances of both the paper and the baths. Do either or both rely on taxpayer money? What is the principle source of revenue of each?

Essay Topic 3

Compare the characters of Petra and Tom Stockmann. What similarities do they share? What differences?

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