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Short Answer Questions

1. In Act I Scene 1, the mayor boasts that new medicinal bath center will be as popular as those where?

2. In Act I Scene 2, Peter tells Tom that he is concerned about his what?

3. Hovstad leaves in Act I Scene 2 planning to do what until the report is printed in the paper?

4. In Act I Scene 2, Peter accuses Tom of _______ the situation.

5. Who is the assistant editor of The People's Daily Messenger?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Tom in Act I Scene 1, what must be done to correct the problem with the water? What does he do with the report?

2. What children does Tom return with in Act I Scene 1? What does he remark about his children and how does this impact Peter?

3. In Act I Scene 2, what does Tom awaken to? What does he suspect of Peter?

4. Who stops by Tom's residence first in Act I Scene 2? Why?

5. What does Peter assert about the springs in Act I Scene 1?

6. What does Tom assert of Peter's views in Act I Scene 1?

7. What does Peter suggest Tom do instead of releasing the report in Act I Scene 2? What is Tom's reaction?

8. With whom did Peter have a discussion about the issue in Act I Scene 2? What was the conclusion?

9. What is Peter's initial response to the report in Act I Scene 2?

10. What argument do Peter and Catherine have in Act I Scene 1?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare the characters of Petra and Tom Stockmann. What similarities do they share? What differences?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and discuss the life and career of Arthur Miller. What did Miller write about his decision to adapt Ibsen's "An Enemy of the People"?

Essay Topic 3

"An Enemy of the People" was very popular though it was written out of frustration with drama critics and the liberal press. Why? What did the public think of the play?

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