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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Tom go to help the poor and afflicted when he was younger?
(a) The west.
(b) The south.
(c) The north.
(d) The east.

2. In Act I Scene 2, Peter tells Tom that he is concerned about his what?
(a) Sister.
(b) Mother-in-law.
(c) Reputation.
(d) Wife.

3. What is the setting of Act I Scene 2?
(a) The Kirsten Springs Institute.
(b) Kirten Springs.
(c) Tom Stockmann's residence.
(d) The Mayors office.

4. In Act I Scene 2, when Tom vows to stand up for his findings, Peter warns him that he will see to it that what?
(a) Tom is fired from the Institute.
(b) Tom disappears.
(c) Tom is discredited.
(d) Tom will never be mayor.

5. In Act I Scene 2, Tom accuses Peter of being unable to admit that he approved the construction of the Springs where?
(a) In a poor town.
(b) On an unstable hillside.
(c) In a bad location.
(d) On private land.

6. In Act I Scene 2, Tom explains that there is no what but simply a scientific report?
(a) Reason to panic.
(b) Campaign.
(c) Conclusive evidence.
(d) Published findings.

7. According to Tom in Act I Scene 1, the report confirms that the water contains what?
(a) Parasites.
(b) Infectious organic matter.
(c) Pathogens.
(d) Harmful bacteria.

8. Hovstad leaves in Act I Scene 2 planning to do what until the report is printed in the paper?
(a) Shout on a street corner.
(b) Test the water himself.
(c) Write an editorial.
(d) Go to the city council.

9. In Act I Scene 2, Peter wants Tom to agree to do what to the Council rather than provide them with the damaging report?
(a) Tell them everything is fine.
(b) Treat the incoming water.
(c) Not show up for his meeting.
(d) Make recommendations for improvements.

10. Who separates Peter and Tom when they almost come to blows in Act I Scene 2?
(a) Captain Horster.
(b) Catherine.
(c) Catherine and Petra.
(d) Petra and Morten.

11. In Act I Scene 1, the mayor boasts that new medicinal bath center will be as popular as those where?
(a) Mammoth.
(b) Iceland.
(c) Springville.
(d) Carlsbad.

12. Peter claims in Act I, Scene 1 that while Tom has lots of good ideas, it takes a person like himself to do what?
(a) Critique them.
(b) Fine tune them.
(c) Filter out the bad ideas.
(d) Put them into action.

13. In Act I Scene 2, Hovstad refers to the situation as what and plans to portray it as such in the newspaper?
(a) An epidemic.
(b) Very interesting.
(c) A scandal.
(d) A joke.

14. Tom Stockmann theorizes that the unsafe water that pours into Kirsten Springs originates where?
(a) Coal Point.
(b) Atomic Alley.
(c) Millville.
(d) Windmill Valley.

15. What does Tom's eldest child bring to him in Act I Scene 1?
(a) A jacket.
(b) A gift.
(c) A letter.
(d) A briefcase.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the profession of Tom Stockmann's eldest child?

2. What is causing the waste in the water, according to the report?

3. What does Peter say would plummet if the report were to be released in Act I Scene 2?

4. What department's finding in Act I Scene 2 states that if the overhaul of the water system is necessary, it is not an emergency and can wait?

5. Hovstad mentions to the mayor in Act I Scene 1 that the newspaper was running an article written by whom?

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