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Small Unnamed Town - This is the generalized setting of the play.

Dr. Tom Stockmann's Residence - Both scenes in Act I take place in this location.

The University's Water Analysis Report - This item sent to Dr. Stockmann is what sparks the controversy and the conflict between the two brothers.

The People's Daily Messenger - This is the town's local newspaper.

The Editorial Offices of the Daily Messenger - The conflict between Tom and Peter Stockmann erupts in the first scene of Act II in this location.

Kirsten Springs - Mayor Peter Stockmann is anticipating the opening of this newly constructed medicinal bath center.

Windmill Valley - Dr. Stockmann theorizes that the unsafe water originates in this location.

The Tannery - Dr. Stockmann's father-in-law, Morten Kill, is the owner of this business establishment.

Captain Horster's House - When Dr. Stockmann is unable to publish his report...

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