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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the opening of Chapter 8, who is released from the hospital?
(a) Richard.
(b) Rose.
(c) Stella.
(d) Dawn.

2. Where is Stella invited to go to with the company in Chapter 10?
(a) Valentine's party.
(b) St. Patrick's Day party.
(c) New Years Eve party.
(d) Christmas Eve party.

3. Why does Stella miss a rehearsal after going on an errand with Geoffrey?
(a) Bunny keeps sending her on errands.
(b) Mary keeps sending her on errands.
(c) Meredith keeps sending her on errands.
(d) Freddie keeps sending her on errands.

4. What part was Stella given in the new production?
(a) Ma.
(b) She didn't get a part.
(c) Ptolemy.
(d) Juliet.

5. What does Stella say to Geoffrey about his conversation with Meredith?
(a) Geoffrey shouldn't put the company in jeopardy.
(b) Geoffrey is making an idiot out of himself.
(c) Geoffrey can't bully Meredith into giving him better parts.
(d) Geoffrey can't love Meredith.

6. Who is the piano player?
(a) Geoffrey.
(b) Babs.
(c) Freddie.
(d) Dawn.

7. What does Babs say about Stella?
(a) That she is the prettiest girl in the company.
(b) That she looks extremely sick.
(c) That she always seems to be around when tragedy strikes.
(d) That all the guys want to date her.

8. What does Hilary do once receiving Meredith's telegram?
(a) Quit talking to Meredith.
(b) Begged for forgiveness.
(c) Hilary moved away.
(d) Called Meredith angry.

9. What is in the envelope that Dawn has created for Richard?
(a) A note and keys.
(b) A note and a musical lighter.
(c) A note and money.
(d) A note and a picture.

10. Who asks Stella to dance at the after-party?
(a) O'Hara.
(b) Geoffrey.
(c) Freddie.
(d) Meredith.

11. Who confides in O'Hara at the after-party?
(a) Meredith.
(b) Babs.
(c) Rose.
(d) Dawn.

12. Who was fired from the company?
(a) Geoffrey.
(b) Stella.
(c) Dawn.
(d) John.

13. Who tells Stella that everyone has to get over unpleasant experiences?
(a) Freddie.
(b) John.
(c) Meredith.
(d) Geoffrey.

14. What does Stella drink at the after-party?
(a) Water.
(b) Pop.
(c) Vodka.
(d) Juice.

15. How is O'Hara described in his role in the production?
(a) Magnificent.
(b) Funny.
(c) Boring.
(d) Annoying.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 6, what does Rose want to have happen to Dawn?

2. Who escorts Dawn to the train station?

3. Stella tells O'Hara that she received a gift from her mother that was wrapped around what?

4. Which actor is missing at the first performance in Chapter 11?

5. How does Stella feel after seeing tears in Lily's eyes?

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