Objects & Places from An Awfully Big Adventure

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Liverpool Repertory Theatre

This is the theater where Stella is hired as an apprentice.

Aber House Hotel

This is the boarding house Uncle Vernon and Lily run and live in with Stella.

Fuller's Cafe

Located not far from the theater, this is one of Meredith's favorite places for tea.

Commercial Hotel

Meredith and Bunny have rooms at this location during the theater season.

The Oyster Bar

This is a favorite drinking spot for the theater people.

George Henry Lee's

This is one of the spots where cast members go for tea.

The Private Function Room

This is used for rehearsals while the carpenters prepare the stage set.

O'Hara's Room

This location, in the front basement of a house on Percy Street is dank and unpleasant.

Dawn Allenby's Lighter

Unexpectedly hearing this tune, the lead actor falls down the stairs and breaks his leg so that P.L. O'Hara...

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