An Awfully Big Adventure Character Descriptions

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This character is a gifted mimic with a vivid and dramatic imagination and seems perfect for life in the theater.

Meredith Potter

This character, the theater's director, is self-absorbed, self-serving, spiteful and manipulative.

P.L. O'Hara

This character was a captain in the Royal Navy.

Uncle Vernon

This simple and very loving character lets certain types of music on the radio stir his war memories and bring tears to his eyes.


This character is the stage manager and is kind.


This character is nineteen and is the nephew of the governing board's chairman.


This character is the manager of the repertory company.


This character is a no-nonsense kind of person who works hard to run the boarding house.

Richard St. Ives

This character is the theater's leading man and has an eye for the ladies.

Dorothy Blundell

This character is the female lead...

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