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Chapter 0

• At the opening of the book, the show is over and the theater is quiet.

• There is only a deserted teddy bear still in its chair.

• Meredith tells Stella that no excuses will do for what she has done.
• Stella tries to defend herself, saying that she is too young to carry the burden of blame and that she is not the only one at fault.

• Meredith goes looking for Rose.

• Rose reminds Meredith of Stella's youth and tells him that he shouldn't be so hard on her.
• Meredith asks if the note sheds any light on what has happened.

• Bunny burned the note.

• Rose deals with the Board and leaks the incident to the papers.

Chapter 1

• Uncle Vernon has worked hard and pulled strings to get Stella an audition with the local repertory theater.

• Since she was a child, Stella has shown a flare for the...

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