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Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Gandhi and his family move for better ventilation?

2. What position do the South African newspapers take after Gandhi's interview?

3. Who is Balasundaram?

4. What happens when Gandhi and Kasturbai have an argument over a Christian clerk living with them?

5. What vow does Gandhi take in 1906?

Short Essay Questions

1. What problems does Gandhi encounter while traveling to Pretoria during the war?

2. What vow does Gandhi take during his second stay in South Africa and what does the vow entail?

3. What does Gandhi do during his third stay in South Africa, even though it has a negative effect of Kasturbai?

4. What advice does Gandhi give to the Indian community in Pretoria after he takes interest in their plight?

5. What happens as a result of Gandhi missing the train in Allahabad?

6. What happens when Gandhi tries his first case in India?

7. What influence does Gandhi's high school friend have on him?

8. What does Gandhi do after the Congress in Calcutta concludes?

9. What is the nature of the two bills that are introduced in the legislature in South Africa after Gandhi's return? Are they ultimately passed?

10. How did Gandhi become aware of the plight of indentured servants in South Africa?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How did Gandhi mobilize so many people to his goals? Did Gandhi's personal struggles resonate with the struggles preoccupying India? State your opinions with examples from the book.

Essay Topic 2

Many who were part of Gandhi's inner circle considered him a father figure. What was Gandhi's attitude and actions toward his own family? Were they consistent with his public persona? Were his actions toward them motivated by his professional goals or philosophical principles? State why or why not using examples from the book.

Essay Topic 3

Was Gandhi being inconsistent when he chose to support the British in two wars? Was his support during two wars inconsistent with Gandhi's philosophy on non-violence? Cite specific examples from the book.

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