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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Gandhi live after the Congress in Calcutta?
(a) Rajkot.
(b) Calcutta.
(c) In Bengal.
(d) Delhi.

2. Which two events happen while Gandhi is in high school?
(a) Gandhi's brother drops out of school; Gandhi's mother breaks her hip.
(b) Gandhi's father has malaria; Kasturbai breaks her arm.
(c) Gandhi's friend is arrested; Gandhi's mother dies.
(d) Gandhi's father dies; Kasturbai is pregnant with their first child.

3. What is the next issue the Indian Congress takes on after the Franchise Bill?
(a) Indians not being able to ride in the first-class section on trains.
(b) A bill that if passed, would have Indians paying higher taxes on food.
(c) The sanitary conditions in the Indian District in Johannesburg.
(d) A tax on indentured servants.

4. What intention does Gandhi announce in Burma?
(a) That he will be taking a poisition in the Indian government.
(b) That he is refraining from eating dairy products.
(c) That he will continue his practices for finding truth.
(d) That he will travel third class through India.

5. How does Gandhi spend his time in Bengal?
(a) Speaking at public meetings.
(b) Performing rituals.
(c) Making contacts and meeting people.
(d) Writing pamphlets.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gandhi do after the Congress in Calcutta concludes?

2. Why must Gandhi and his family wait before they can disembark from their ship in Durban?

3. Which one of these dietary practices and treatments does Gandhi NOT try?

4. What does Gandhi do with the gifts showered on him for his second departure from South Africa?

5. In what field does Gandhi's father work?

Short Essay Questions

1. Gandhi receives a cable while living in Santa Cruz. What does the cable say and how does Gandhi respond?

2. What happens when Gandhi tries his first case in India?

3. What is the reaction from the whites when Gandhi returns to South Africa with his family?

4. What influence does Gandhi's high school friend have on him?

5. What does Gandhi witness at the Kali temple that makes an impression on him?

6. What does Gandhi do with the gifts he is given before he returns to India the second time?

7. How does Gandhi's group serve the British during the Boer War?

8. What does Gandhi's friend, Mavji Dave, advise him to do?

9. What happens when the government tries to move the Indians out of their quarters in Johannesburg?

10. Why does Gandhi stay in the Transvaal during his third stay in South Africa?

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