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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What advice does Gandhi give to Indian merchants in South Africa?
(a) To be truthful.
(b) To create better products and services.
(c) To be more charitable.
(d) To be deceptive to make as much money as possible.

2. Who is the Secretary of State in South Africa?
(a) The Duke of the Transvaal.
(b) Mr. Huffington.
(c) Viscount Yorkchester.
(d) Lord Ripon.

3. What does Gandhi think about the lodging at Ripon college during the Congress in Calcutta?
(a) That it is a collection of great thinkers.
(b) That the building should be condemned.
(c) That the unsanitary conditions are ripe for a disease outbreak.
(d) That it should be the model for other meetings in the future.

4. What trouble does Gandhi's older brother get into?
(a) He embezzles some money.
(b) He becomes an outcast from their caste.
(c) He insults a British Political Agent.
(d) He gives wrong advice to the Ranasaheb of Porbandar.

5. What does Gandhi remind the Indian community in Durban after a plague outbreak?
(a) To wash their hands before eating.
(b) To set their rat traps.
(c) To improve their sanitary habits so they can fight for their rights.
(d) He reminds them of their duty and loyalty to India.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Gandhi's opinion, what subject should be taught in school?

2. What newspaper does Gandhi's group launch?

3. Why did the Indian community in Natal ask Gandhi to stay in South Africa?

4. What is Mr. Chamberlain's attitude toward the Indian delegation in South Africa?

5. What promise did Gandhi make to Indian Christians in South Africa?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Gandhi's group serve the British during the Boer War?

2. How did Gandhi become aware of the plight of indentured servants in South Africa?

3. What treatment does Gandhi encounter after he arrives in South Africa?

4. What happens when Gandhi and his brother travel to Bombay so Gandhi can sail to England?

5. Why does Gandhi stay in the Transvaal during his third stay in South Africa?

6. Why is Gandhi asked to stay in Natal after he finishes his work on his case?

7. What are Gandhi's views about his marriage?

8. What did a member of the High Court tell Gandhi after his speech in Bombay?

9. What happens when the government tries to move the Indians out of their quarters in Johannesburg?

10. What does Gandhi witness at the Kali temple that makes an impression on him?

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