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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What role does Gandhi take at Tolstoy Farm?
(a) As a dietary advisor.
(b) As a spritual leader.
(c) A nursing function.
(d) Educating children.

2. Who requests Gandhi's assistance in opposing the tinkathia system?
(a) Rajkumar Shukla.
(b) Madhav Shrivastava.
(c) Balendu Chandran.
(d) Sahastrajit Dhatri.

3. What is Gokhale's reaction to Gandhi continuing his dietary practices?
(a) He leaves for India.
(b) He throws a fit.
(c) He praises him.
(d) He adopts some of Gandhi's practices.

4. What does Gandhi observe while traveling to Rangoon with his son, Ramdas?
(a) Extreme poverty.
(b) Someone drowning.
(c) Unbridled corruption.
(d) Unsanitary conditions on the boat.

5. What suggestion does Gandhi make to the Indian community during World War One?
(a) To volunteer as ambulance attendants for the British.
(b) To engage in civil disobedience and go to jail.
(c) To oppose and boycott the war.
(d) To present a list of demands to the British government.

6. What is the tinkathia system?
(a) A taxation system where a percentage of merchants' profits were given to the British crown.
(b) A system that dictates the rights of untouchables.
(c) An education system where children are Europeanized.
(d) A system where a tenant must plant 3/20 of his land with indigo for the landlord.

7. Who does Gandhi qualify as an attorney to help out at the office?
(a) Mr. Polak.
(b) Mr. West.
(c) Mr. Chamberlain.
(d) Maganlal Gandhi.

8. What type of doctor does Gandhi call in to assist with his recovery from pleurisy?
(a) A vegetarian doctor.
(b) A witch doctor.
(c) An expert in treating pleurisy.
(d) An ayurvedic doctor.

9. What cause does Gandhi take on in India after his ten-year absence?
(a) Indian independence.
(b) The poll tax.
(c) Rationing rice.
(d) The Viramgam customs.

10. Why does Gandhi's autobiography end in 1921?
(a) Gandhi has other people writing about his life.
(b) Gandhi is assassinated.
(c) Gandhi is too busy to write.
(d) Gandhi thought his life and his works were public from that time on.

11. Who does Gandhi send to Durban to take over the newspaper?
(a) Mr. West.
(b) Mr. Polak.
(c) Mr. Coates.
(d) Mr. Banker.

12. What resolution is proposed in March 1916?
(a) A resolution to establish the central provinces.
(b) A resolution to have India become an independent state.
(c) A resolution to end the indentured servant system.
(d) A resolution to end the poll tax.

13. What has been Gandhi's ceaseless effort?
(a) To serve humanity.
(b) To seek justice for Indians worldwide.
(c) To describe truth.
(d) To attain Indian independence.

14. What is an unintended consequence of the hartal in 1919?
(a) The police open fire on demonstrations in several cities.
(b) Gandhi contracts another illness.
(c) Not many people participate.
(d) Russia supports Gandhi's efforts.

15. Why does Gandhi offer the services of the Indian Ambulance Corps the second time?
(a) The Zulu rebellion in Natal.
(b) The Battle of Blood River.
(c) The Second Boer War.
(d) A revolt by Afrikaaner Nationalists.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the concern when Gandhi wants to join the Servants of India Society?

2. What is the condition of Gandhi's third son when he arrives in South Africa during Gandhi's third stay?

3. What happens as a result of Gandhi's efforts in Bihar?

4. Who partners with Gandhi in his experiments with diet?

5. Why is Gandhi unable to stay in Bihar after his work is completed?

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