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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gandhi have to return to India?
(a) He develops pleurisy.
(b) He is a troublemaker and is asked to leave England.
(c) His brother is sick.
(d) He has to keep his promise to Kasturbai that they would spend only a year in England.

2. What is an unintended consequence of the hartal in 1919?
(a) Gandhi contracts another illness.
(b) Russia supports Gandhi's efforts.
(c) The police open fire on demonstrations in several cities.
(d) Not many people participate.

3. Who partners with Gandhi in his experiments with diet?
(a) Max Velthuijs.
(b) Mr. Polak.
(c) Hermann Kellenbach.
(d) Kasturbai.

4. Why does Gandhi's autobiography end in 1921?
(a) Gandhi thought his life and his works were public from that time on.
(b) Gandhi has other people writing about his life.
(c) Gandhi is too busy to write.
(d) Gandhi is assassinated.

5. What is the name Gandhi's group coins for their passive resistance movement?
(a) Jelebi.
(b) Ananda.
(c) Brahmacharya.
(d) Satyagraha.

6. What is the Khadi Movement?
(a) The use of hand-woven products.
(b) The use of Indian-produced products.
(c) The use of the traditional karahi cooking vessel for cooking kadai dishes.
(d) Of being self-reliant.

7. Who coins the name for the passive resistance movement?
(a) Kasturbai.
(b) Maganlal Gandhi.
(c) Mr. Polak.
(d) Mahatma Gandhi.

8. What has been Gandhi's ceaseless effort?
(a) To seek justice for Indians worldwide.
(b) To describe truth.
(c) To attain Indian independence.
(d) To serve humanity.

9. What does the Gandhi family do after the offer for services of the Indian Ambulance Corps is accepted by the South African Government?
(a) The family volunteers its services.
(b) They return to India.
(c) They sell all of their possessions.
(d) They close down their house in Johannesburg.

10. What is the final government action in the Indian district in Johannesburg?
(a) It is emptied out and burned.
(b) There is an order for the district to be resettled by Boers.
(c) It becomes an independent district.
(d) It is rehabilitated.

11. What does Gandhi do with the money of the people who live in the Indian district in Johannesburg?
(a) He uses it for public good.
(b) He cleanses it and deposits it in a bank.
(c) He returns the money to the people.
(d) He uses it to finance the newspaper.

12. What does Gandhi tell the police commissioner in Ahmedabad?
(a) That he needs a police escort.
(b) That there needs to be more police present at his meeting.
(c) That martial law is not necessary.
(d) That he will have the people oppose corruption in his department.

13. Why does Gandhi travel to Kheda after the World War One Conference?
(a) To raise recruits.
(b) To observe living conditions.
(c) To speak at a conference.
(d) To start another settlement.

14. What cause does Gandhi take on in India after his ten-year absence?
(a) The poll tax.
(b) Rationing rice.
(c) The Viramgam customs.
(d) Indian independence.

15. What do people blame Gandhi about?
(a) A plague outbreak.
(b) The exhile of Rajkumar Gupta.
(c) The Jalianwala Bagh massacre.
(d) A food ration.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is learning the printing business on the Phoenix settlement?

2. What suggestion does Gandhi make to the Indian community during World War One?

3. What does Gandhi observe while traveling to Rangoon with his son, Ramdas?

4. At this point in Gandhi's life, his experiments with truth are made through...?

5. What is the purpose of the All-India Congress Committee in Calcutta in 1920?

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