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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What practice does Gandhi not believe in when disciplining children?
(a) Time outs.
(b) Having boundaries.
(c) Tough love.
(d) Corporal punishment.

2. What is the tinkathia system?
(a) A system that dictates the rights of untouchables.
(b) A system where a tenant must plant 3/20 of his land with indigo for the landlord.
(c) An education system where children are Europeanized.
(d) A taxation system where a percentage of merchants' profits were given to the British crown.

3. What basis does Gandhi give for his refusal to follow doctor's orders?
(a) For political reasons.
(b) For religious reasons.
(c) For health reasons.
(d) Because people are not doing what he wants them to do.

4. Why is Gandhi unable to stay in Bihar after his work is completed?
(a) He receives offers from various places in need of his assistance.
(b) His son is ill.
(c) Because there was nothing left for him to do.
(d) He is in danger.

5. What did the swami ask Gandhi at Gurukul?
(a) If he reads the Gita.
(b) Why he does not wear the sacred threads.
(c) Why he does not join the religious order.
(d) Why his diet is so extreme.

6. What is the condition of Gandhi's third son when he arrives in South Africa during Gandhi's third stay?
(a) He has a broken arm.
(b) He has a broken foot.
(c) He has dysentery.
(d) He has the plague.

7. What resolution is proposed in March 1916?
(a) A resolution to establish the central provinces.
(b) A resolution to end the indentured servant system.
(c) A resolution to have India become an independent state.
(d) A resolution to end the poll tax.

8. What does Gandhi observe while traveling to Rangoon with his son, Ramdas?
(a) Someone drowning.
(b) Extreme poverty.
(c) Unsanitary conditions on the boat.
(d) Unbridled corruption.

9. What is the Khilafat question discussed at the conference in Delhi?
(a) Whether to support the agrarian uprisings.
(b) Whether to take a position in the Hindu-Muslim communal clashes.
(c) Should Hindus join with the Muslims in the fight for Indian independence?
(d) Whether families should sell their property and migrate to Afghanistan.

10. Who is learning the printing business on the Phoenix settlement?
(a) Mr. Polak.
(b) Adamji Miyakham.
(c) Parsi Rustomji.
(d) Maganlal Gandhi.

11. What happens after Gandhi leaves Bihar?
(a) The government imposes sanctions on the community.
(b) There is still a rift between the tenants and planters.
(c) The standard of living for the community is improved.
(d) Most of his work is undone.

12. What is the Khadi Movement?
(a) The use of hand-woven products.
(b) The use of Indian-produced products.
(c) The use of the traditional karahi cooking vessel for cooking kadai dishes.
(d) Of being self-reliant.

13. Which is NOT one of the things Gandhi's group does when living at the rented house in Motihari?
(a) They conduct programs for the spiritual development of children.
(b) They begin a campaign of cleanliness and sanitation.
(c) They open schools for children in nearby villages.
(d) Gandhi presents grievances from the peasants to the Planters' Association.

14. What is Gandhi's philosophy to exposing children to those who are less desirable?
(a) They are a bad influence on other children.
(b) They develop a sense of empathy.
(c) That exposing children to different types of people helps to develop their character.
(d) The good children can positively influence the natures of the bad children.

15. Who is the Ice Doctor?
(a) The doctor Gandhi permits to treat him at the ashram.
(b) A governor of one of the Indian states.
(c) A British agent.
(d) One of Gandhi's confidants.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Gandhi and his family sail to en route to India during World War One?

2. How does Gandhi resolve the dilemma with the Servants of India Society?

3. What does Gandhi do during a strike in the mills?

4. What role does Gandhi take at Tolstoy Farm?

5. Why does Gandhi buy land in South Africa?

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