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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gandhi travel to the Transvaal during his third stay in South Africa?
(a) For a vacation.
(b) For a meeting with a head of state.
(c) To prepare a case in Pretoria.
(d) To observe conditions in Indian communities.

2. What is Gandhi advised to do by a member of the High Court?
(a) To stay in India to help with self government.
(b) To support the British monarchy.
(c) To recruit others to spread his message about the conditions in South Africa.
(d) To take a position on the court.

3. What intention does Gandhi announce in Burma?
(a) That he will travel third class through India.
(b) That he will continue his practices for finding truth.
(c) That he will be taking a poisition in the Indian government.
(d) That he is refraining from eating dairy products.

4. What happens when Gandhi lends money to a woman to open a vegetarian restaurant?
(a) She defaults on the loan.
(b) She repays Gandhi.
(c) She dies and her son assumes the loan.
(d) She needs more money and asks for another loan.

5. What happens when Gandhi attends the vegetarian convention in Portsmouth?
(a) He becomes more committed to his dietary practices.
(b) Gandhi is asked to be the president of the Vegetarian Association.
(c) He does not think their diet is strict enough and leaves.
(d) He finds the women too flirtatious and leaves.

6. What do Gandhi's Christian friends request of Gandhi?
(a) To read the Bible.
(b) To teach them about Hinduism.
(c) To come to a prayer meeting.
(d) To convert to Christianity.

7. What happens as a result of Gandhi's decision?
(a) His son recovers.
(b) His son dies.
(c) His son stays ill for a prolonged period of time.
(d) His son becomes more ill and Gandhi changes his mind about the intervention.

8. Why did the Indian community in Natal ask Gandhi to stay in South Africa?
(a) To fight the passage of the Franchise Bill.
(b) To have him fight for the rights of indentured servants.
(c) To heal them with his home remedies.
(d) To have him become a partner in the law firm.

9. What style of dress did Gandhi's family adopt upon their return to South Africa?
(a) Gujarati style.
(b) European style.
(c) Parsi style.
(d) Zulu style.

10. What do the stagecoach passengers tell the stagecoach staff, in regards to Gandhi, on the trip from Charlestown to Johannesburg?
(a) To leave Gandhi alone and let him ride inside the coach with them.
(b) To leave Gandhi behind and have him take the next coach.
(c) That they will boycott the stagecoach company if Gandhi is not permitted to ride with them.
(d) That they will take the next coach if Gandhi rides with them.

11. What does Gandhi receive from South Africa after his family moves for better ventilation?
(a) A post card.
(b) A cable requesting his return.
(c) A gift.
(d) An offer from his former law firm.

12. What is the reaction from the whites in South Africa about Gandhi's return?
(a) They are indifferent.
(b) They shun Gandhi.
(c) The crowds line the streets cheering.
(d) There is a great deal of opposition.

13. What causes a rift between Gandhi and his brother?
(a) They disagree how money should be divided after the sale of some property.
(b) An argument over Gandhi's child-rearing practices.
(c) Gandhi's notoriety is causing his brother problems in his community.
(d) Gandhi stops sending him money.

14. What does Gandhi promise his mother before he departs for England?
(a) Not to touch wine or women or eat meat.
(b) To write home every week.
(c) Not to lose touch with his Indian roots.
(d) To study hard.

15. Where do Gandhi and his family move for better ventilation?
(a) Baroda.
(b) Kalyan.
(c) Santa Cruz.
(d) Goa.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Gandhi encounter after he misses his train in Allahabad?

2. What newspaper does Gandhi's group launch?

3. How does Gandhi assist Narayan Hemchandra?

4. What does Gandhi remind the Indian community in Durban after a plague outbreak?

5. What happens after the government does not move the Indians out of the district in Johannesburg?

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