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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gandhi witness at the Kali temple that affects him deeply?
(a) A monk protesting British rule.
(b) A little girl making an offering to a god.
(c) The property had been defaced.
(d) The slaughtering of lambs.

2. What news does Gandhi receive after he returns to India?
(a) That his eldest son has been hospitalized.
(b) That Gandi's older brother has accepted a cabinet postion in the Indian government.
(c) That Gandhi's mother has died.
(d) That he has an invitation to work at a law firm in Bombay.

3. Why does Gandhi stay in the Transvaal?
(a) To observe the conditions in Indian communities.
(b) To wait until his luggage is relocated.
(c) To serve his jail sentence.
(d) To enroll in the court to deal with the Asiatic Department.

4. What conditions does Gandhi's group agree to in order for Gandhi to assist them?
(a) That they need to practice holy rituals daily.
(b) That they have his commitment for three months, then he has to return home to his family.
(c) That Gandhi will not accept payment for public work, only private work.
(d) That Gandhi can send for his family to live with him in South Africa.

5. Who suggests that Gandhi study law in England?
(a) Kasturbai.
(b) Mavji Dave (Joshiji).
(c) Gandhi's older brother.
(d) Mr. Lely.

6. How do the Indians volunteer their services during the Boer War?
(a) As foot soldiers.
(b) As ambulance attendants.
(c) As cooks.
(d) As interpreters.

7. What newspaper does Gandhi's group launch?
(a) The Durban Indian Times.
(b) The Gandhi Gazette.
(c) The Indian Opinion.
(d) The Hindustani Weekly Chronicle.

8. How are Gandhi's sons and nephew educated in South Africa?
(a) Gandhi hires an English governess.
(b) Kasturbai teaches them.
(c) They attend public school.
(d) They are sent to a boarding school in Johannesburg.

9. Who does Gandhi give away at her wedding?
(a) A servant.
(b) His Scottish clerk.
(c) A nearby villager.
(d) Abdulla Sheth's niece.

10. What happens when Gandhi attends the vegetarian convention in Portsmouth?
(a) He finds the women too flirtatious and leaves.
(b) He does not think their diet is strict enough and leaves.
(c) He becomes more committed to his dietary practices.
(d) Gandhi is asked to be the president of the Vegetarian Association.

11. How are the Indian quarters in Johannesburg referred to?
(a) As the Banana Belt.
(b) As Plague City.
(c) As the slave quarters.
(d) As coolie locations.

12. What complicates the government's efforts when they try to move Indians out of their district in Johannesburg?
(a) The Indians have 99-year tenancy rights on their leases.
(b) There will be a labor supply shortage.
(c) There is no place to relocate the Indians.
(d) It is illegal to evict the tenants under the government premises.

13. In Gandhi's opinion, what subject should be taught in school?
(a) Agriculture.
(b) Nutrition.
(c) Religion.
(d) Personal hygiene.

14. What is the nature of the two bills passed in the legislature upon Gandhi's return?
(a) To restrict the import of Indian goods; to restrict the travel of Indians in South Africa.
(b) To create difficulties for Indian traders; to curb Indian immigration.
(c) To place a tax on Indians; to restrict Indian goods and services.
(d) To place a curfew on Indians; to prohibit a group of more than twelve Indians to congregate.

15. What style of dress did Gandhi's family adopt upon their return to South Africa?
(a) Gujarati style.
(b) Parsi style.
(c) Zulu style.
(d) European style.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of husband does Gandhi desire to be?

2. Why does Gandhi travel to the Transvaal during his third stay in South Africa?

3. What does Gandhi attribute to the underlying cause of their argument?

4. What does Gandhi remind the Indian community in Durban after a plague outbreak?

5. What does the court in South Africa ask Gandhi to do when he is introduced?

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