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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news does Gandhi receive after he returns to India?
(a) That he has an invitation to work at a law firm in Bombay.
(b) That his eldest son has been hospitalized.
(c) That Gandi's older brother has accepted a cabinet postion in the Indian government.
(d) That Gandhi's mother has died.

2. What happens after the government does not move the Indians out of the district in Johannesburg?
(a) The government cuts off the water supply.
(b) There is a black plague outbreak.
(c) The Indians decide to move out on their own accord.
(d) There is a big celebration in the Indian district.

3. Why does Gandhi stay in the Transvaal?
(a) To wait until his luggage is relocated.
(b) To observe the conditions in Indian communities.
(c) To serve his jail sentence.
(d) To enroll in the court to deal with the Asiatic Department.

4. What dietary advice written in a pamphlet does Gandhi later recant?
(a) That no milk is needed beyond a mother's milk.
(b) That children should not eat wheat products until they are five years old.
(c) That vegetables are for animals.
(d) That people should eat the entire fruit, not just the juice.

5. How does Gandhi assist Narayan Hemchandra?
(a) He introduces Hemchandra to helpful people.
(b) He teaches him English and serves as a translator.
(c) He helps Hemchandra sell his books.
(d) He cooks vegetarian meals for him.

6. Who helps Gandhi acclimate to South Africa?
(a) Abdulla Sheth.
(b) Mr. Banker.
(c) Mr. Johnston.
(d) Dr. Mehta.

7. What position do the South African newspapers take after Gandhi's interview?
(a) They side with Gandhi.
(b) They side with the local government.
(c) They side with the crowds.
(d) They side with the British Empire.

8. What promise does Gandhi make when he returns to India the second time?
(a) That he will recruit more volunteers to send to South Africa.
(b) That he will work for Indian independence.
(c) That he will send them care packages from India.
(d) That he will return in a year if he is needed.

9. What is Gandhi trying to persuade barristers to do while in Bombay?
(a) To represent the poor in court cases.
(b) To accompany him when he returns to South Africa.
(c) To gain more power in Indian government and to have more influence.
(d) To find loopholes in the constitution to get India out from under British rule.

10. What does Gandhi read in England that later becomes daily reading for him?
(a) The London Times.
(b) The Bible.
(c) The Gita.
(d) The Patanjali Sutras.

11. Why must Gandhi and his family wait before they can disembark from their ship in Durban?
(a) Their papers are not in order.
(b) A physician orders a five-day quarantine to ensure no one has the plague.
(c) They are trying to find a place to live.
(d) They arrived early and they are waiting for Abdullah Sheth to return to South Africa.

12. What does Gandhi receive from South Africa after his family moves for better ventilation?
(a) A gift.
(b) A cable requesting his return.
(c) A post card.
(d) An offer from his former law firm.

13. What vow does Gandhi take in 1906?
(a) Brahmacharya.
(b) Poverty.
(c) Saptapadi.
(d) Rajasatya.

14. What is Mr. Chamberlain's attitude toward the Indian delegation in South Africa?
(a) He is very patronizing.
(b) He is very supportive.
(c) He is hostile
(d) He is not interested.

15. What happens as a result of Gandhi's decision?
(a) His son stays ill for a prolonged period of time.
(b) His son dies.
(c) His son recovers.
(d) His son becomes more ill and Gandhi changes his mind about the intervention.

Short Answer Questions

1. Gandhi invites which group of people to live with his family?

2. What complicates the government's efforts when they try to move Indians out of their district in Johannesburg?

3. Which two events happen while Gandhi is in high school?

4. Who is Balasundaram?

5. What happens at the meeting between Gandhi and Dr. P.C. Ray?

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