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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapters 16-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the nature of the two bills passed in the legislature upon Gandhi's return?
(a) To place a tax on Indians; to restrict Indian goods and services.
(b) To create difficulties for Indian traders; to curb Indian immigration.
(c) To restrict the import of Indian goods; to restrict the travel of Indians in South Africa.
(d) To place a curfew on Indians; to prohibit a group of more than twelve Indians to congregate.

2. Why can't Gandhi sail to England after he arrives in Bombay?
(a) He forgets his passport in Rajkot.
(b) The Indian Ocean is too rough at that time.
(c) Gandhi and his brother fall victim to a pickpocket.
(d) Members of Gandhi's caste threaten him.

3. What does Gandhi do when he is informed that he will have to travel third class on the train to Pretoria?
(a) He finds a loophole in the train company regulations and purchases a first-class ticket.
(b) He bleaches his skin and claims he is a white man, then purchases a first class ticket.
(c) He files a civil suit in court.
(d) He becomes indignant and writes a letter to the editor to the newspaper in Pretoria.

4. What news does Gandhi receive after he returns to India?
(a) That he has an invitation to work at a law firm in Bombay.
(b) That his eldest son has been hospitalized.
(c) That Gandi's older brother has accepted a cabinet postion in the Indian government.
(d) That Gandhi's mother has died.

5. Who helps Gandhi acclimate to South Africa?
(a) Abdulla Sheth.
(b) Mr. Banker.
(c) Dr. Mehta.
(d) Mr. Johnston.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who assists Gandhi after he arrives in England?

2. Why does Gandhi support the British during the Boer War?

3. What conditions does Gandhi's group agree to in order for Gandhi to assist them?

4. What does Gandhi do after there is a plague outbreak in Bombay?

5. What does Gandhi think about his abilities to practice law after passing the bar exams?

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