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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapters 26-29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Gandhi communicate when in a group?
(a) He writes his thoughts on a piece of paper and has someone read them to the group.
(b) He acts out what he wants to say and people guess at the clues.
(c) He says nothing and is frustrated because he has not communicated his thoughts and tells a group member days later.
(d) He writes letters to others that convey his thoughts while they were together.

2. In what field does Gandhi's father work?
(a) In manufacturing.
(b) In education.
(c) In law.
(d) In public service.

3. What is Gandhi's opinion about British rule in India after he returns from South Africa?
(a) He believes British rule has little effect on the Indian people.
(b) He believes that although British rule is not helpful presently, it will ultimately be beneficial.
(c) He believes British rule is beneficial and acceptable.
(d) He believes British rule in undermining the good of the Indian people.

4. What does Gandhi think about his abilities to practice law after passing the bar exams?
(a) He thinks his aptitude is stronger in medicine and does not think he will be successful.
(b) He thinks that his discipline and practices will help him succeed.
(c) He thinks he does not have any practical experience.
(d) He thinks he has the persuasive abilities to win trials.

5. What is Gandhi trying to persuade barristers to do while in Bombay?
(a) To gain more power in Indian government and to have more influence.
(b) To find loopholes in the constitution to get India out from under British rule.
(c) To accompany him when he returns to South Africa.
(d) To represent the poor in court cases.

Short Answer Questions

1. What trouble does Gandhi's older brother get into?

2. What advice does Gandhi give to Indian merchants in South Africa?

3. What does Gandhi promise his mother before he departs for England?

4. Who suggests that Gandhi study law in England?

5. How does Gandhi assist Narayan Hemchandra?

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