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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapters 16-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can't Gandhi sail to England after he arrives in Bombay?
(a) Members of Gandhi's caste threaten him.
(b) He forgets his passport in Rajkot.
(c) The Indian Ocean is too rough at that time.
(d) Gandhi and his brother fall victim to a pickpocket.

2. Why did the Indian community in Natal ask Gandhi to stay in South Africa?
(a) To have him become a partner in the law firm.
(b) To have him fight for the rights of indentured servants.
(c) To fight the passage of the Franchise Bill.
(d) To heal them with his home remedies.

3. What conditions does Gandhi's group agree to in order for Gandhi to assist them?
(a) That they have his commitment for three months, then he has to return home to his family.
(b) That they need to practice holy rituals daily.
(c) That Gandhi will not accept payment for public work, only private work.
(d) That Gandhi can send for his family to live with him in South Africa.

4. What happens when Gandhi attends the vegetarian convention in Portsmouth?
(a) He becomes more committed to his dietary practices.
(b) He finds the women too flirtatious and leaves.
(c) He does not think their diet is strict enough and leaves.
(d) Gandhi is asked to be the president of the Vegetarian Association.

5. What does the court in South Africa ask Gandhi to do when he is introduced?
(a) Remove his turban.
(b) Kiss their rings.
(c) Bow to the members of the court.
(d) Present his license to practice law.

Short Answer Questions

1. What advice does Gandhi give to Indian merchants in South Africa?

2. What offer does Gandhi receive after his brother's troubles?

3. What does Gandhi read in England that later becomes daily reading for him?

4. What do the stagecoach passengers tell the stagecoach staff, in regards to Gandhi, on the trip from Charlestown to Johannesburg?

5. Who suggests that Gandhi study law in England?

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