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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Chapters 21-25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the court in South Africa ask Gandhi to do when he is introduced?
(a) Bow to the members of the court.
(b) Present his license to practice law.
(c) Kiss their rings.
(d) Remove his turban.

2. Who does Gandhi qualify as an attorney to help out at the office?
(a) Mr. Polak.
(b) Mr. Chamberlain.
(c) Maganlal Gandhi.
(d) Mr. West.

3. What promise does Gandhi make when he returns to India the second time?
(a) That he will recruit more volunteers to send to South Africa.
(b) That he will return in a year if he is needed.
(c) That he will work for Indian independence.
(d) That he will send them care packages from India.

4. What does Gandhi do when he is informed that he will have to travel third class on the train to Pretoria?
(a) He files a civil suit in court.
(b) He finds a loophole in the train company regulations and purchases a first-class ticket.
(c) He becomes indignant and writes a letter to the editor to the newspaper in Pretoria.
(d) He bleaches his skin and claims he is a white man, then purchases a first class ticket.

5. What dietary advice written in a pamphlet does Gandhi later recant?
(a) That people should eat the entire fruit, not just the juice.
(b) That vegetables are for animals.
(c) That children should not eat wheat products until they are five years old.
(d) That no milk is needed beyond a mother's milk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Gandhi told when he wants the Congress in Calcutta to pass his resolution?

2. What is the condition of Gandhi's third son when he arrives in South Africa during Gandhi's third stay?

3. What does Gandhi do with the gifts showered on him for his second departure from South Africa?

4. How does Gandhi assist his brother-in-law after he takes him from Bombay to Rajkot?

5. What does Gandhi think about the lodging at Ripon college during the Congress in Calcutta?

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