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Pamela Aidan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Bingley engaged to dine on Monday?
(a) Colonel Forster's.
(b) Old Mr. Wickham's.
(c) The Bennets'.
(d) Captain Carter's.

2. What does Darcy regret at dinner in Chapter 4?
(a) Telling Bingley that Jane already has a suitor.
(b) Not being seated nearer to Elizabeth.
(c) Not asking Elizabeth to dance.
(d) Being cold toward Elizabeth.

3. What does Darcy tell Miss Bingley at the dinner table in Chapter 4?
(a) That many young ladies are jealous of her.
(b) That he would like to dance with her.
(c) That she will make a fine wife.
(d) That she is universally admired.

4. To what does Darcy compare Elizabeth's eyes?
(a) The reflections on the water fountain.
(b) The light on his glass.
(c) The moon.
(d) The sparkle of the chandelier.

5. What does Miss Bingley mock the younger Bennet sisters for?
(a) Their fashion sense.
(b) Their naivete.
(c) Their gossiping.
(d) Their immodesty.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Miss Lucas attempt to dispel the animosity between Darcy and Elizabeth in Chapter 5?

2. What does Miss Bingley dissuade her brother from doing to help Miss Bennet in Chapter 6?

3. What does Bingley tell Darcy has been spotted a mile from the gate, in Chapter 2?

4. How did Miss Bennet travel to Netherfield?

5. What does Miss Bingley praise about Pemberley in Chapter 6?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Bingley thank Darcy for in Chapter 2?

2. At Squire Justin's house, when Darcy tells Miss Bingley that she is universally admired what does she insinuate with her response?

3. What upsets Darcy when he sees Bingley dancing with the most handsome girl at the party?

4. What does Darcy debate after suggesting that Bingley invite Elizabeth to stay and nurse her sister?

5. What does Darcy say is the only thing steadying Darcy's admiration of Elizabeth in Chapter 6?

6. How did Darcy and Bingley come to be friends?

7. How does Bingley's company react when he praises Miss Bennet in Chapter 2?

8. What does Darcy do during the shooting party?

9. What do Miss Bingley and the Hursts mock Elizabeth for after dinner in Chapter 6?

10. What does Miss Bingley assume Darcy is thinking about when she approaches him at Lucas Lodge? What does Darcy say he is actually meditating on?

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