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Pamela Aidan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Darcy feel about Elizabeth's departure from Netherfield?
(a) He is indifferent.
(b) He is angry.
(c) He is glad.
(d) He is regretful.

2. What does Miss Bingley insist to Elizabeth in the drawing room, in Chapter 7?
(a) That Elizabeth should return home.
(b) That Mr. Darcy is fond of Elizabeth.
(c) That Miss Bingley will be married to Darcy within a year.
(d) That Mr. Darcy is not to be laughed at.

3. Who does Darcy think about while Fletcher is shaving him in Chapter 12?
(a) Fletcher's inability to shave without a knick.
(b) Elizabeth.
(c) The country dances in Meryton.
(d) Mr. Bingley's growing attachment to Jane.

4. Why does Darcy practice his sword in Chapter 11?
(a) He was recently given a new sword that he wishes to try.
(b) He is scheduled to have a duel with Mr.Bingley.
(c) He feels lethargic and wishes to raise his heartbeat.
(d) He is seized with a need to do something.

5. Which book does Elizabeth choose to read in the Netherfield library?
(a) An Inland Voyage.
(b) Paradise Lost.
(c) Cobwebs to Catch Flies.
(d) Grimm's Fairy Tales.

6. Who is accompanying the Bennet sisters in Chapter 8?
(a) Colonel Forster.
(b) Mr. Collins and Lieutenant George Wickham.
(c) Mrs. Bennet.
(d) Charlotte Lucas.

7. How does Fletcher respond when Darcy asks him if he is sorry to leave Herfordshire in Chapter 9?
(a) He says that he has never looked forward to the sight of London's soot and squalor more in his life.
(b) He says that the country has its own treasures and man does not like leaving treasure behind.
(c) He replies with a simple 'no'.
(d) He says that he is leaving behind his heart and soul.

8. What does Darcy pocket in Chapter 7 as Bingley enters the library?
(a) Elizabeth's hair pin.
(b) Elizabeth's brooch.
(c) Elizabeth's bookmark.
(d) Elizabeth's handkerchief.

9. What does Darcy consider Elizabeth's strange behavior in Chapter 9 payback for?
(a) His prejudice against her family.
(b) His comment at the Meryton assembly.
(c) His maltreatment of her sister.
(d) His inappropriate advances towards her.

10. Who is seated across from Darcy in Chapter 10?
(a) Mr.Collins.
(b) Colonel Forster.
(c) Elizabeth.
(d) Wickham.

11. Where do Bingley and Darcy encounter the Bennet sisters in Chapter 8?
(a) Longbourn.
(b) Meryton.
(c) Pemberley.
(d) Netherfield.

12. What is odd about Elizabeth's clothes in Chapter 8?
(a) She is wearing the same outfit as she did the day before.
(b) They compliment Darcy's apparel.
(c) They are not appropriate for church.
(d) They are much too small for her.

13. According to Darcy, what do Wickham's happy manners ensure?
(a) That he will always be able to fool others.
(b) That his dancing card will always be full.
(c) His making friends.
(d) That he will escape social injury.

14. What does Fletcher convince Darcy to change into in Chapter 9?
(a) A satin cream coloured coat.
(b) A velvet and finely beaded light blue coat.
(c) An emerald green and gold silk coat.
(d) A jet black coat with a cashmere ivory scarf.

15. What day is the ball on in Chapter 9?
(a) A Saturday.
(b) A Thursday.
(c) A Tuesday.
(d) A Sunday.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Darcy share his prayer book with in Chapter 8?

2. What color outfit does Darcy wear to the soiree in Chapter 12?

3. What does Darcy's secretary discuss with Darcy on the morning following Darcy's return to London?

4. What dance does Lady Caroline begin dancing that shocks Darcy in Chapter 12?

5. Who does Darcy tell Bingley is not invited to Netherfield in Chapter 8?

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