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Pamela Aidan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Feint and Parry.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Darcy asks Miss Bingley and Elizabeth to sing in Chapter 6, what does Miss Bingley eagerly sing?
(a) An Italian song.
(b) A Spanish song.
(c) A French song.
(d) A German song.

2. What do Miss Bingley and the Hursts NOT mock Elizabeth for after dinner in Chapter 6?
(a) Her country accent.
(b) Her lack of taste.
(c) Her dining manners.
(d) Her pride.

3. What does Miss Bingley thank Darcy for sharing with her in Chapter 2?
(a) His pudding.
(b) His hankerchief.
(c) His prayer book.
(d) His pocketwatch.

4. What does Darcy tell Miss Bingley at the dinner table in Chapter 4?
(a) That many young ladies are jealous of her.
(b) That she will make a fine wife.
(c) That he would like to dance with her.
(d) That she is universally admired.

5. What does the dinner host tease Darcy about in Chapter 4?
(a) His dog.
(b) His avoidance of Miss Bingley.
(c) His scowl.
(d) His dislike for hunting.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 2, what does Bingley recall being inundated with when he went to church?

2. While Bingley dances, where does Darcy position himself in the assembly hall?

3. What caused Bingley to be the subject of jokes in town?

4. To what does Darcy compare Elizabeth's eyes?

5. What does Darcy see Elizabeth praise a young girl for?

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