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Pamela Aidan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, Certain Evils.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose soiree does Darcy express interest in attending in Chapter 11?
(a) Mr. Arbuthnot's soiree.
(b) Captain Luther's soiree.
(c) Lord Templeton's soiree.
(d) Lady Melbourne's soiree.

2. What does Darcy hope of Mrs. Bennet in Chapter 2?
(a) That she will mind her manners.
(b) That she will not bring all of her daughters.
(c) That she will remain silent.
(d) That she will fall ill.

3. What does Elizabeth accuse Darcy of while at the Lucas' home?
(a) Have no patience for the elderly.
(b) Looking down on the locals.
(c) Rudeness toward strangers.
(d) Severity on ladies.

4. How does Darcy refer to the Bennets' London relations?
(a) As royalty compared to their country cousins.
(b) As the most respectable branch of the family tree.
(c) As borderline criminal.
(d) As barely respectable.

5. How does Darcy react to Mr. Lucas when they are introduced?
(a) With admiration.
(b) With annoyance.
(c) With anger.
(d) With affection.

Short Answer Questions

1. What embarrasses Darcy in Chapter 4?

2. In Chapter 2, what is Darcy confident he will be able to teach Bingley?

3. Where does Bingley suggest going with Darcy on Tuesday in Chapter 8?

4. What does Darcy think of the estate Bingley is letting?

5. Why does Elizabeth exit the church as Darcy is entering the church in Chapter 8?

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