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Rick Atkinson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What French character was referred to as "a bad man with a narrow outlook and shifty eye," by Winston Churchill?
(a) Robert Murphy.
(b) General Mast.
(c) Admiral Darlan.
(d) General Giraurd.

2. The shortages of necessities at the outset of Anderson's push East, inspired this quote: "The most important thing is never to be apart from your:
(a) Spoon.
(b) Unit.
(c) Radio.
(d) Rations.

3. General Georges Barre was the only Vichy French commander to refuse to kowtow to the Germans. What did he do?
(a) Sidled westward into Tunisia's wild hills to await developements.
(b) Led a foiled attack against the palace of the bey.
(c) Stormed the Axis command post.
(d) Fled the city for the desert in the south.

4. According to the author, about how much of his time did Eisenhower spend worrying about political issues at the expense of the Allied cause?
(a) 1/2.
(b) 3/4.
(c) 1/4.
(d) 3/5.

5. While Patton was made a national hero in taking Casablanca, which defects were also revealed, according to the author?
(a) A childish propensity to feud with other services.
(b) All answers are correct.
(c) A wonton disregard of logistics.
(d) An incapacity to empathize with frightened soldiers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why were the Vichy French fighting the Allies in North Africa?

2. What was the plan for integrating U.S. units into British lead military organizations?

3. What was the first town to be captured by the Allies?

4. What was operation RESERVIST?

5. According to General Patten, it was his expectation of an officer to:

Short Essay Questions

1. On November 27th, the First Argyles were ambushed on Highway 7. What basic precautions did forsake that might have saved them from being surprised?

2. Admiral Darlan did capitulate and surrender Algiers, but what order was he reluctant to make?

3. What aspect of the RESERVIST plan concerned Winston Churchill and the Americans?

4. What is Rear Admiral Hewitt's personal motto?

5. What was the motto of the Big Red One?

6. What was the building the Allies referred to as the Kasbah?

7. What is Rear Admiral Hewitt's concept of Velvet?

8. In Admiral Esteva's response to Hooker Doolittle that "they had better hurry up, because the others will be here within forty-eight hours," who is represented by 'they' and who is represented by 'the others.' And who won the race?

9. An aspect of TORCH that affected each layer of command was a lack of information about how the coordinated effort was going. According to the author, how was Patton's approach to this ambiguity different?

10. What particular naval skill in Hewitt know for?

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