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Rick Atkinson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the plan for integrating U.S. units into British lead military organizations?
(a) New U.S. troops were sent to England for specialist training.
(b) No plan existed.
(c) Select troops were permanently assigned.
(d) Units would be on a four week rotation.

2. According to the author, why was Allen's decision important in a historical context?
(a) It was the most bloodiest drive of the campaign and could have been the deciding factor in gaining French support.
(b) It was singularly reckless and signaled his key flaw as a commander.
(c) It was the first singular tactical decision by an Americn general in the liberation of Europe.
(d) It was the most complicated coordination of tanks and ground troops to that date in modern warfare.

3. What is Ultra?
(a) The intelligence gathered through British decipherment of coded German radio messages.
(b) The codename for the bazooka.
(c) The name of the U.S. Secret Service in World War II.
(d) A clandestine plan to land a group of American conspirators behind enemy lines in North Africa.

4. What new piece of highly effective German equipment was introduced in the battle of November 26th in the Tine Valley?
(a) Wing mounted anti-personnel guns.
(b) An armor peircing long-barreled 75mm gun mounted on Panzers.
(c) Rocket launchers on tracks.
(d) The Bazooka.

5. While information on the attack was slow to come into headquarters, Eisenhower did not believe which report:
(a) That operation VILLAIN appeared to be an Allied success.
(b) That Rommel had launched a counter-offensive attacking Morocco.
(c) That U boats had sank half the fleet.
(d) That Patton was re-embarking the landing craft under a truce flag.

Short Answer Questions

1. What medal did Rear Admiral Hewitt win in World War I?

2. What two particular subjects did Mark Clark know of that would have made him a valuable capture for the Axis Cause?

3. What did Eisenhower suspect of General Giraud?

4. TORCH is considered by the author to have been:

5. According to the author, what makes Medjez-el-Bab a strategically important location?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Rear Admiral Hewitt's concept of Velvet?

2. In the first tank battle of World War II between Germans and Americans, the commander, John Waters, used Captain Siglin's twelve tank force in what manner?

3. Describe 'the Boy Captain' Robert R. Moore.

4. Admiral Darlan did capitulate and surrender Algiers, but what order was he reluctant to make?

5. In Admiral Esteva's response to Hooker Doolittle that "they had better hurry up, because the others will be here within forty-eight hours," who is represented by 'they' and who is represented by 'the others.' And who won the race?

6. What particular naval skill in Hewitt know for?

7. Describe Brigadier General Ted Roosevelt.

8. What locations did the Allies use as a rouse for the destination of Hewitt's fleet and Task force 34, and what deception plans did they use to that end?

9. On November 27th, the First Argyles were ambushed on Highway 7. What basic precautions did forsake that might have saved them from being surprised?

10. What was the motto of the Big Red One?

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