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Rick Atkinson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Longstop?
(a) A flanking technique utilzed by Allied tanks to break a blitzkreig.
(b) A hill in the Medjerda valley offering a strategic vantage point, named after a cricket term.
(c) The code name of the Allied attempt to take the Medjerda valley.
(d) A key highway moving through a desert pass.

2. What was the Service d'Ordre Legionnaire, whom Terry Allen came up against in the battle for St. Cloud?
(a) French fascists who modeled themselves on the German SS.
(b) An expert French artillery division.
(c) French secret service agents who infiltrated the Vichy French ranks.
(d) A battalian of Belgian troops fighting on the side of the Allies.

3. What order threatened the success of Rommel's push on Tebessa?
(a) Repositioning the force futher to the north.
(b) The order to cancel air support.
(c) Only half the tanks requested were allotted to the task.
(d) To attack East but only as far as Le Kef.

4. Who said the following: "...infantry, like whiskey, loses potency when diluted."
(a) Ernie Pyle.
(b) Major General Terry Allen.
(c) Ernest Hemmingway.
(d) Winston Churchill.

5. Upon taking Oran what did the Allies immediately set to converting it to?
(a) A vast supply depot.
(b) The largest airbase in North Africa.
(c) A boot camp where British and American troops would be trained together.
(d) The Allies' primary naval station.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who made the following criticism: "The best way to describe our operations to date, is that they have violated every recognized principle of war, are in conflict with all operational and logistic methods laid down in textbooks, and will be condemned, in their entirety, by all Leavenworth and war college classes for the next twenty-five years."

2. What criticism does the author make of Speedy Valley during the course of Furlingswind?

3. What two defects in planning for Longstop does the author point out?

4. What was Djebel el Rhar?

5. The American route by Arnim was successful to the point of making Rommel's attack Morgenluft negligible. What strategic objective in Tebessa did Rommel have his eye on?

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