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James P. Carroll
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Cardinal ritually anoints James' hands and wraps them in linen bands that are given to his mother. What power does this give James?
(a) Sacramental power to turn bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ.
(b) To give the sermon.
(c) To marry.
(d) To bless the congregation.

2. James recalls when he and his fellow candidates lie prostrate on the cold stone floor of St. Paul the Apostle Church. What ceremony is this?
(a) The Passover ceremony.
(b) The Holy Eucharist.
(c) The ordination ceremony.
(d) Reformation Sunday.

3. What does James do a week before entering the novitiate?
(a) He dates the Vice-President's daughter and tries unsuccessfully to have sex.
(b) He begins to write a religious-based novel.
(c) He meets with Allen Tate to show him several of his poems.
(d) He prays about what his calling truly is.

4. What do President Johnson and Secretary of Defense McNamara not know about Spellman?
(a) He plays golf.
(b) He helps instigate the war.
(c) He will be ordaining James.
(d) He is not favored by the Pope.

5. Who is delighted to be a personal guest of Cardinal Spellman's and helps welcome the Pope?
(a) Mary Carroll.
(b) Brian Carroll.
(c) James Carroll.
(d) Joseph Carroll.

Short Answer Questions

1. James' appointment with Tate is interrupted by what personal tragedy the night before?

2. Why does James organize a citizens' tribunal to indict J. Edgar Hoover?

3. How does James read the Bible for the first time?

4. On whom does ritual require a newly-ordained priest to first perform his priestly blessing?

5. What is not James' belief but simply taken for granted as the way things are?

Short Essay Questions

1. His Holiness addresses the United Nations for its twentieth-year celebration.

2. General Carroll's DIA offers up analysis that the bombing is having no effect on Hanoi's ability to wage war. How do the Joint Chiefs respond?

3. What is James' opinion of segregation and white supremacy as a child?

4. Why is General Carroll successful in his government position?

5. How does James feel about his calling as both priest and poet?

6. General Carroll is chairman of a Washington dinner to honor Hoover. He asks Father James to offer the benediction. How does Father James react?

7. Why can Michael not be buried by a Catholic priest?

8. How is the author resistant to authority?

9. How is Boston University a good fit for Father Carroll?

10. Why does the President begin to reject escalation of the war and refuse any use of nuclear weapons?

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