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James P. Carroll
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose point of view does James present on the Cavett Show?
(a) His students'.
(b) Father Daniel Berrigan's.
(c) His own.
(d) His father's.

2. What does James do a week before entering the novitiate?
(a) He begins to write a religious-based novel.
(b) He dates the Vice-President's daughter and tries unsuccessfully to have sex.
(c) He meets with Allen Tate to show him several of his poems.
(d) He prays about what his calling truly is.

3. Who is the FBI resolved to bring down?
(a) Cardinal Spellman.
(b) The Pope.
(c) Joseph Carroll.
(d) Martin Luther King.

4. Who arrests James for protesting Igloo White at Hansom Air Force Base?
(a) The Secret Service.
(b) The CIA.
(c) The Air Force.
(d) The FBI.

5. What does Joe Carroll do as James blesses him and lays hands on his head?
(a) He sits silently.
(b) He is filled with the Holy Spirit.
(c) He convulses and silently sobs.
(d) He prays.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why will a local Catholic priest not bury Tate's son, Michael?

2. What does Joseph ask of his son at Christmas dinner, 1965?

3. What is not James' belief but simply taken for granted as the way things are?

4. Senator Eugene McCarthy declares his candidacy for president on what platform?

5. How does James thank "Mr. Johnson" for ending the war?

Short Essay Questions

1. General Carroll's DIA offers up analysis that the bombing is having no effect on Hanoi's ability to wage war. How do the Joint Chiefs respond?

2. Why is General Carroll successful in his government position?

3. How does Father Daniel Berrigan protest the war?

4. How does James feel about his calling as both priest and poet?

5. His Holiness addresses the United Nations for its twentieth-year celebration.

6. How is the author resistant to authority?

7. What leads to General Carroll's feelings towards Martin Luther King, Jr.?

8. Who are the Paulist Fathers?

9. General Carroll is chairman of a Washington dinner to honor Hoover. He asks Father James to offer the benediction. How does Father James react?

10. Why does the President begin to reject escalation of the war and refuse any use of nuclear weapons?

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