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James P. Carroll
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what is Joe junior a sign?
(a) God's disapproval.
(b) Of shame.
(c) There is a God.
(d) God's approval for the neighbors to see.

2. Where does the author secretly throw his Georgetown University prize?
(a) In the Potomac.
(b) In the woods behind the seminary.
(c) In the Atlantic ocean.
(d) Into the swamp behind the seminary.

3. What type of student is James in high school?
(a) A member of Glee Club.
(b) An "A" student.
(c) A "C" student.
(d) A musician.

4. What is one reason why James receives the ROTC award?
(a) He bribes the Commander.
(b) He is a good pilot.
(c) No one else deserves the award.
(d) He wears his father's shoes shined by the General's orderlies.

5. Eisenhower is the first president who wears what kind of hat?
(a) A top hat.
(b) A beaver cap.
(c) A baseball cap.
(d) Homburg.

Short Answer Questions

1. James and Joe junior accompany their father to what base in Puerto Rico?

2. What does Joe junior undergo a dozen of over the next fifteen years?

3. After receiving his award at Georgetown University, what does the author receive?

4. What are Americans encouraged to do against the Soviet fallout?

5. Who believes human nature is incapable of good?

Short Essay Questions

1. Upon what does James reflect at the end of the chapter, regarding B-52s and nuclear war?

2. How does Roosevelt's inauguration differ from past presidential inaugurations?

3. How does James perceive his family's time in Germany?

4. What is known about Francis Cardinal Spellman?

5. What is Elvis' significance in this story?

6. How does James' antiwar stance affect his father?

7. What does James realize about his desire to enter the seminary?

8. How does Joe become a part of Kelly's political hypocrisy?

9. Why does Joe feel like a disgrace for leaving the seminary?

10. Why is FDR an admired president?

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