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James P. Carroll
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. James Carroll reminisces on experiences as a young boy growing up in what city?
(a) New York City.
(b) Washington, D.C.
(c) Richmond, VA.
(d) Chicago, IL.

2. Joe and Jim wear Democrat campaign pins with what motto to protest Republican "I Like Ike" campaign pins?
(a) "Who's Ike?"
(b) "I like Everybody."
(c) "I Hate Ike."
(d) "I Don't Like Ike."

3. In 1959, why does the Pope convene an Ecumenical Council?
(a) To meet with members of other religions.
(b) To change the Bible.
(c) To meet new priests.
(d) To refresh the Church.

4. Who is the newly-ordained priest?
(a) Edgar Hoover.
(b) The author.
(c) Patrick Hughes.
(d) Joseph Carroll.

5. What does he instruct James to do?
(a) Become a priest.
(b) Join the FBI.
(c) Move back to Chicago.
(d) Drive his mother and brothers south to Richmond.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Edward J. Kelly, Chicago's mayor and head of the Democratic Party, bring in millions?

2. Joe and his family leave Chicago for FBI training. After training, where are they assigned?

3. How does Joe feel about leaving the seminary?

4. Joe and Mary Carroll have how many brothers and sisters?

5. How does James interpret the experiences of their lives in Christian terms?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the B-52 Bomber symbolize to James?

2. How does Joe Carroll catch Roger Touhy?

3. What government position does Joe Carroll have in Europe?

4. Who is in attendance for his first mass and sermon?

5. What is Elvis' significance in this story?

6. Why is the General in a somber mood on the drive home with his son?

7. What are Joseph's and Mary's roles in their family?

8. What are some of the discussions about use of nuclear weapons in preemptive strikes on China and the Soviet Union that James remembers?

9. What is Joe's attitude about human nature?

10. Upon what does James Carroll reflect?

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