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James P. Carroll
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does James intern as in Atlanta?
(a) An Air Force cadet.
(b) A pastoral counselor.
(c) A lay assistant.
(d) A therapist.

2. Nixon is in office and plans to do what with the Vietnam War?
(a) Escalate it.
(b) End it.
(c) Ask other countries for assistance.
(d) Slowly remove soldiers from Vietnam.

3. James sees King once in person, and what is his opinion of King?
(a) His father is right in believing King is void of all morals.
(b) He is a liar and a coward.
(c) He can not be trusted.
(d) King is the only public figure to which he is personally devoted.

4. What does James' mother refuse to recognize about the war?
(a) The war is unjust.
(b) That it may embarrass James.
(c) That is is ending.
(d) That her husband is against the war.

5. Who becomes famous for leaking the Pentagon Papers?
(a) Cardinal Spellman.
(b) James Carroll.
(c) Daniel Ellsberg.
(d) J. Edgar Hoover.

6. Who is excommunicated?
(a) Some modernists Bendictines.
(b) Some traditional Benedictines.
(c) Some modernist Paulists.
(d) Some traditional Paulists.

7. To what is the conflict between James and his father limited?
(a) The Civil Rights movement.
(b) The Air Force.
(c) The priesthood.
(d) The Vietnam War.

8. The Pope's speech ends in French. What does it translate to in English?
(a) God bless the U.S.A.
(b) We must fight God's war.
(c) God is on our side.
(d) War no more.

9. What do President Johnson and Secretary of Defense McNamara not know about Spellman?
(a) He is not favored by the Pope.
(b) He will be ordaining James.
(c) He plays golf.
(d) He helps instigate the war.

10. What do James and fellow novices do on the edge of a lake?
(a) Fish.
(b) Swim.
(c) Bet when it will freeze over.
(d) Contemplate their choice to join the priesthood.

11. What does Joseph ask of his son at Christmas dinner, 1965?
(a) To be the priest at his younger brother's wedding.
(b) To leave the priesthood.
(c) To support his views.
(d) He asks his son to say grace for the first time.

12. On what does James learn Catholic beliefs in scripture, events and characters are based?
(a) Divine intervention, not myth and fiction.
(b) The ocult.
(c) The Holy Trinity.
(d) Myth and fiction, not divine intervention.

13. Tom Dooley writes a book inferring what about Vietnam?
(a) Vietnam is a Catholic country under Communist siege.
(b) Vietnam is a country full of pagans.
(c) Vietnam is a Communist country under Catholic siege.
(d) It is a war of religions.

14. What does Carroll's DIA report show?
(a) The air campaign is not working.
(b) The air campaign might work.
(c) The air campaign has already worked.
(d) The air campaign is working.

15. James is a boy in southern Alexandria and raised in what traditions?
(a) Confederate.
(b) Military.
(c) Virginian.
(d) American.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is this ceremony for his mother?

2. James reads an account of his father's conspiracy to destroy whom?

3. By the will of whom does Diem rule Vietnam?

4. How is Dan Berrigan's hiding place found?

5. Why will a local Catholic priest not bury Tate's son, Michael?

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