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James P. Carroll
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does James feel among the working-class Irish novices?
(a) He often fights them.
(b) He feels at home.
(c) Out of place.
(d) He befriends many of them.

2. What convinces James to be Patrick Hughes' friend?
(a) Patrick is kind and loving.
(b) He has no other friends.
(c) Patrick does not give James the option to say no.
(d) Patrick's belief in himself.

3. James is ordained in 1969, and assigned to the campus ministry at what university?
(a) New York University.
(b) Northwestern University.
(c) The University of Virginia.
(d) Boston University.

4. Why does James keep secret that he met and was kissed by Pope John XXIII?
(a) No one is allowed to know.
(b) He feels guilty about advantages he receives.
(c) He is shy.
(d) He does not think anyone would believe him.

5. What does Carroll's DIA report show?
(a) The air campaign is not working.
(b) The air campaign might work.
(c) The air campaign has already worked.
(d) The air campaign is working.

6. The Cardinal ritually anoints James' hands and wraps them in linen bands that are given to his mother. What power does this give James?
(a) To bless the congregation.
(b) To give the sermon.
(c) Sacramental power to turn bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ.
(d) To marry.

7. How does James feel at his ordination?
(a) He is fearful.
(b) He is happy.
(c) He feels betrayed.
(d) He is unsure.

8. How does James thank "Mr. Johnson" for ending the war?
(a) In person.
(b) On the telephone.
(c) During a meal at the White House.
(d) He writes a personal letter.

9. Despite years of religious training as an altar boy, catechism and religion classes, how is James regarding the Bible and theology?
(a) Misunderstood.
(b) Confused.
(c) Knowdedgeable.
(d) Illiterate.

10. James' appointment with Tate is interrupted by what personal tragedy the night before?
(a) His brother has been caught leaving the country and the draft.
(b) One of Tate's newborn twins dies.
(c) James' father dies.
(d) The country has gone to war.

11. What does James' mother refuse to recognize about the war?
(a) The war is unjust.
(b) That her husband is against the war.
(c) That is is ending.
(d) That it may embarrass James.

12. Why does James organize a citizens' tribunal to indict J. Edgar Hoover?
(a) For FBI abuses.
(b) For betraying his father.
(c) For his assination attempt of the President.
(d) For his segregationist views.

13. J. Edgar Hoover persecutes King, and who does he recruit in an unsuccessful attempt to stop King from meeting the Pope?
(a) Joseph Carroll.
(b) Cardinal Spellman.
(c) Father Carroll.
(d) Father Kelly.

14. Why do countless Air Force chaplains attend in full dress?
(a) James is a general's son.
(b) They have nothing else to do.
(c) James is in the Air Force.
(d) They are friends with James.

15. When Kennedy is assassinated, what does Johnson take over?
(a) The administration and the war.
(b) The Democratic Party.
(c) The presidency.
(d) The war.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to James when he raises the Confederate flag to celebrate Robert E. Lee's birthday in the Washington Benedictine prep school?

2. Tom Dooley writes a book inferring what about Vietnam?

3. Who does Cardinal Spellman meet in 1950?

4. James reads an account of his father's conspiracy to destroy whom?

5. Whose point of view does James present on the Cavett Show?

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