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James P. Carroll
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What begins James' breakdown in shared understanding with his father?
(a) The Paulist order.
(b) The Civil Rights movement.
(c) The Vietnam War.
(d) His leaving the priesthood.

2. Who does Cardinal Spellman meet in 1950?
(a) Secretary of Defense McNamara.
(b) The Pope.
(c) Ngo Dinh Diem.
(d) President Johnson.

3. The Cardinal ritually anoints James' hands and wraps them in linen bands that are given to his mother. What power does this give James?
(a) To give the sermon.
(b) To marry.
(c) To bless the congregation.
(d) Sacramental power to turn bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ.

4. These priests focus on a defensive Catholic Church and a hostile American culture.
(a) Paulist Fathers.
(b) Markist Fathers.
(c) Benedictine Fathers.
(d) Franciscan Fathers.

5. Who is the FBI resolved to bring down?
(a) Martin Luther King.
(b) Cardinal Spellman.
(c) Joseph Carroll.
(d) The Pope.

6. On whom does ritual require a newly-ordained priest to first perform his priestly blessing?
(a) Members of the congregation.
(b) His siblings.
(c) On his parents.
(d) Other priests.

7. Who is delighted to be a personal guest of Cardinal Spellman's and helps welcome the Pope?
(a) Mary Carroll.
(b) James Carroll.
(c) Brian Carroll.
(d) Joseph Carroll.

8. What does Mary Carroll remind her son about Cardinal Spellman?
(a) He is a good friend.
(b) He is looking forward to ordaining James.
(c) He is not favored by the Pope.
(d) He is looking for a golf caddy.

9. Who reminds James of Air Force chaplains?
(a) His father.
(b) The young Father Kelly and his open-hearted camaraderie.
(c) The Rector at the college.
(d) The Paulist Fathers.

10. How does James feel among the working-class Irish novices?
(a) He feels at home.
(b) He often fights them.
(c) He befriends many of them.
(d) Out of place.

11. James sees King once in person, and what is his opinion of King?
(a) His father is right in believing King is void of all morals.
(b) King is the only public figure to which he is personally devoted.
(c) He is a liar and a coward.
(d) He can not be trusted.

12. Why does James keep secret that he met and was kissed by Pope John XXIII?
(a) He feels guilty about advantages he receives.
(b) He does not think anyone would believe him.
(c) He is shy.
(d) No one is allowed to know.

13. What does General Carroll ask of Father James?
(a) To offer the benediction at a dinner to honor Hoover.
(b) To support his beliefs.
(c) To leave the priesthood.
(d) To change his views on the war.

14. James' appointment with Tate is interrupted by what personal tragedy the night before?
(a) James' father dies.
(b) The country has gone to war.
(c) One of Tate's newborn twins dies.
(d) His brother has been caught leaving the country and the draft.

15. By the will of whom does Diem rule Vietnam?
(a) Buddha.
(b) God.
(c) Shiva.
(d) Allah.

Short Answer Questions

1. J. Edgar Hoover persecutes King, and who does he recruit in an unsuccessful attempt to stop King from meeting the Pope?

2. When the General and Mary reunite with James at St. Paul's College and walk up Fourth Street, to where do they walk?

3. Why does James organize a citizens' tribunal to indict J. Edgar Hoover?

4. What does Cardinal Spellman do to Daniel Berrigan?

5. What in Washington transforms James' resistance into a resolution because he is faithful to John XXIII and embodies his vision for the Church?

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