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James P. Carroll
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Silence during their ride home does what between James and his father?
(a) Leaves unanswered questions.
(b) Causes a rift between to two.
(c) Seals the bond.
(d) Makes them uncomfortable.

2. The author reflects on perceptions that he and his father give up worlds they love. Why?
(a) For peace.
(b) For what they want.
(c) For war.
(d) For their country.

3. James hopes his ROTC unit is picked to march in whose parade?
(a) Hoover's.
(b) Eisenhower's.
(c) Kennedy's.
(d) Nixon's.

4. Mary points out distinctive features and size as her tours near this building, which is also known as the Pentagon.
(a) Department of War Building.
(b) The Secret Service Building.
(c) The FBI Headquarters.
(d) Protection Agency.

5. For what does James' father never forgive himself?
(a) Becoming a member of the FBI.
(b) Working for the Air Force.
(c) Planning to join the priesthood.
(d) Leaving the seminary.

6. What do the Catholics call the Chapel?
(a) "Our Father."
(b) "Our Lady of Perpetual Help."
(c) "Our Lady of Peace."
(d) "Holy Trinity."

7. What dream does James abandon, when he chooses to attend seminary school?
(a) To be a professional football player.
(b) To join the Navy.
(c) To follow General Carroll in the Air Force.
(d) To marry.

8. How does Joe's childhood compare to the social standing he later achieves?
(a) Same social standing, but in a different city.
(b) It is very similar.
(c) It is somewhat different.
(d) It stands in stark contrast.

9. What does Joseph believe his own pride causes?
(a) His wealth.
(b) His family's unhappiness.
(c) Accidents.
(d) His son's disease.

10. How is Joe's father, "Dike" Carroll, occasionally employed?
(a) As a butler in a South Side ward house.
(b) As a body guard.
(c) As a janitor in a South Side ward house.
(d) As a sailor on Lake Michigan.

11. What is a highlight of James' parent's life?
(a) Introduction to the new Pope.
(b) Living in Germany.
(c) Having their children.
(d) Carroll graduating from high school.

12. Eisenhower is the first president who wears what kind of hat?
(a) A baseball cap.
(b) A top hat.
(c) Homburg.
(d) A beaver cap.

13. In what are both James and his father entwined?
(a) The Air Force.
(b) Government scandal.
(c) The curse.
(d) Lives of the military and the priesthood.

14. Who symbolically unites the Elvis sexuality and the priestly celibacy?
(a) The Air Force chaplains.
(b) The new Pope.
(c) Monsigneur Chess.
(d) The Young nuns.

15. How does James perceive the Carroll family's time in Germany?
(a) Enjoyable.
(b) Fun.
(c) Their best.
(d) Normal.

Short Answer Questions

1. After receiving his award at Georgetown University, what does the author receive?

2. James is in college now and working as what for the summer?

3. James and Joe junior accompany their father to what base in Puerto Rico?

4. Who is the ever-present symbol and embodiment of the Catholic Church?

5. Father Carroll affirms whose power?

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