An American Requiem Short Essay - Answer Key

James P. Carroll
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1. Upon what does James Carroll reflect?

He reflects upon what takes place in the chapel at Bolling Air Force Base on Saturday, February 23, 1969. He is then Father James Carroll celebrating his first Mass and giving his first sermon at his parent's parish according to tradition.

2. Who is in attendance for his first mass and sermon?

More than two hundred are in attendance including Air Force officers and generals with their wives. Some attendees run Operation Rolling Thunder that drops more tons of bombs in Asia than was dropped in Germany in WWII

3. How does the celebration begin?

The celebration begins with the organ playing and the choir singing a hymn. A procession of altar boys, twelve priests, candle-bearers, master of ceremonies and a newly-ordained priest walk into the center aisle from the sacristy. The author is the newly-ordained priest.

4. How does James change from his pro-war attitude?

In November 1965, a Quaker war-protester sets himself on fire at the Pentagon. James' feelings begin to change. By October 21, 1967, he chants antiwar slogans. The Jesuit priest, Daniel Berrigan, and his brother, Phillip, become James' new role models.

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