Objects & Places from An American Requiem

James P. Carroll
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The Chapel

This is the little white church shared by the Catholics, Jews and Protestants that also worship there. It is located on the east bank of the Potomac River in Washington, D.C, and is base church for personnel at Bolling Air Force Base.

Model B-52 Bomber

James receives this as a prize for the Outstanding Air Force ROTC Cadet award at Georgetown University; It symbolizes his feelings about the military, his father's Air Force career and war. He takes it with him to seminary.

Irish Bridgeport

This is a Chicago ward bordered by the stockyards and called "Back of the Yards." Joseph returns from twelve years at seminary to his "old neighborhood," where he meets Mary.

J. Edgar's Office

The window of this can be seen from the street. Mary points to this while giving tours to her children and friends and relatives from Chicago.

Department of War Building (The Pentagon)

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