An American Requiem Fun Activities

James P. Carroll
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Uncle Sam Needs You

James approves of anyone in blue as a boy. Create a poster promoting the military.

Prayer of Forgiveness

James' and his father's differing opinions permanently affect their relationship. Write a prayer from Joseph to James asking for and giving forgiveness.

Say a Prayer

Joe feels like a disgrace for leaving the seminary. Write a prayer for Joe to say to ask for forgiveness for leaving the seminary.

Two Tracks

James sees his life following two possible tracks. Draw a picture of Joe going down the tracks of his life.

In Hiding

When James is growing up, the Catholic Church is still hiding its accounts of sexual immorality. Create a comic strip with James as the hero, saving the church from evil sexual immorality.

B-52 Bomber

The B-52 Bomber is an important symbol in this book. Make a drawing of a B-52 Bomber in the...

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