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Barry Denenberg
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How would barnstormers make money?
(a) Cash for flying lessons.
(b) Cash for daredevil performances.
(c) Cash for rides.
(d) Cash prizes from flying contests.

2. What was conventional wisdom for how to pursue the Orteig prize?
(a) To use a cantilevered monoplane with structural reinforcements.
(b) To use as much horsepower and as small a plane as possible.
(c) To use a multi-engine plane with a pilot and navigator.
(d) To get into the jet stream.

3. How did Lindbergh handle the requests for product endorsements?
(a) He turned them all down.
(b) He tried to determine which products he wanted to be associated with.
(c) He took all offers above a certain amount.
(d) He evaluated them to see which would make him wealthiest.

4. How does Lindbergh describe his relationship with The Spirit of St. Louis?
(a) He says that it felt like a willful machine.
(b) He says it felt like a stubborn woman.
(c) He says that it felt like a wild animal.
(d) He says that it felt like an extension of his body.

5. How successful was Lindbergh in his own barnstorming career?
(a) His skills attracted the notice of corporate sponsors.
(b) He would have been forgotten except for his dangerous stunts.
(c) He made a fortune.
(d) He did not make money, but he learned a lot.

Short Answer Questions

1. What decision did C.A. Lindbergh and his wife make for the sake of his career?

2. What were Lindbergh and his flight team waiting for before he took off?

3. What would Charles Lindbergh do for Erold Bahl?

4. Who was Shorty Lynch?

5. When did Lindbergh sight the Eiffel Tower?

Short Essay Questions

1. What special accommodations did Lindbergh make to increase his chances of success?

2. What was Lindbergh's theory for crossing the Atlantic?

3. Why did the public swing behind Lindbergh?

4. What obstacle did Lindbergh have to overcome off the coast of Nova Scotia?

5. How did Lindbergh handle publicity?

6. What was the importance of Lindbergh's double parachute jump?

7. How did Lindbergh prevent himself falling asleep?

8. What had Lindbergh planned to do after arriving in Paris?

9. Where did Lindbergh go after his arrival in Paris?

10. What was Lindbergh's competition like?

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