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Barry Denenberg
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Lindbergh think was the best way to handle the investigation?
(a) Discreetly.
(b) Patiently.
(c) Publicly.
(d) Aggressively.

2. Who was Dr. Carrell?
(a) A politician.
(b) An aviation advocate.
(c) A heart surgeon.
(d) An private investigator.

3. What did Lindbergh die of?
(a) Brain tumor.
(b) Plane crash.
(c) Lymphatic cancer.
(d) Old age.

4. What was the title of Lindbergh's autobiography?
(a) 'The Spirit of St. Louis'.
(b) 'My Time in Hiding'.
(c) 'Misunderstood'.
(d) 'Mistakes I've Made'.

5. What had changed in Germany's military?
(a) Sanctions had weakened it.
(b) The Depression had starved it of cash.
(c) Hitler had remilitarized.
(d) Hitler had let it languish.

6. When did Lindbergh's view become a minority view?
(a) 1940.
(b) 1942.
(c) 1938.
(d) 1936.

7. Where were Lindbergh and Anne Morrow married?
(a) In City Hall in New York.
(b) In Washington D.C.
(c) In an airplane.
(d) At the Morrow Estate.

8. How was Anne Morrow Lindbergh's "A Gift from the Sea" received?
(a) It was praised by the President.
(b) It received the Pulitzer Prize.
(c) It was not critically acclaimed.
(d) It was a bestseller.

9. How old was Morrow's daughter when Lindbergh met her?
(a) 18.
(b) 31.
(c) 26.
(d) 21.

10. What happened a month after Lindbergh's award?
(a) The invasion of Poland.
(b) The invasion of France.
(c) The invasion of Belgium.
(d) Kristallnacht.

11. What was the Lindberghs' second child's name?
(a) John.
(b) Aidan.
(c) Charles.
(d) Frederick.

12. Who starred in the movie version of Lindbergh's transatlantic flight?
(a) Humphrey Bogart.
(b) Jimmy Stewart.
(c) James Cagney.
(d) James Dean.

13. What does Denenberg say Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh tried to do between the kidnapping the Hauptmann's execution?
(a) Live normal lives.
(b) Make kidnapping a federal crime.
(c) Write about their ordeal.
(d) Conceive another child.

14. How did Violet Sharpe avoid interrogation?
(a) She went insane.
(b) She pled the fifth.
(c) She fled the country.
(d) She killed herself.

15. What was Lindbergh working to complete in July 1927?
(a) Proposals for new prizes for long distance flights.
(b) Plans for a trip to China.
(c) Repairs to The Spirit of St. Louis.
(d) An account of his trip.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Lindbergh do to allow himself to speak openly about politics?

2. How does Denenberg characterize Hauptmann's defense?

3. What was Lindbergh's estimation of Germany's air strength?

4. What did Lindbergh advocate in 1939?

5. What cause did Lindbergh take up later in life?

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