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Barry Denenberg
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Lindbergh leave from this airport?
(a) It would help protect him from publicity.
(b) It was paved.
(c) It was furthest east.
(d) It had a long runway.

2. When did Lindbergh sight the Eiffel Tower?
(a) The 28th hour.
(b) The 34th hour.
(c) The 33rd hour.
(d) The 27th hour.

3. Who was Shorty Lynch?
(a) A politician in charge of aviation.
(b) A parachutist.
(c) A mechanic.
(d) A barnstormer.

4. Who had Lindbergh expected to meet him?
(a) Policemen.
(b) Thronging crowds.
(c) A handful of reporters.
(d) His wife.

5. What stunt marked the end of Charles Lindbergh apprenticeship?
(a) Almost falling during a wing-walk.
(b) A double parachute jump.
(c) An outside loop.
(d) Climbing up a ladder from a car to an airplane.

6. What happened to the flyers who set out for the Orteig prize before Lindbergh?
(a) They got lost.
(b) They crashed.
(c) They never got off the ground.
(d) They ran out of fuel.

7. What was it about Lindbergh's flight that captivated the public, according to Denenberg?
(a) His colorful personality.
(b) His confident swagger.
(c) His underdog status.
(d) His pet lion.

8. Who was Erold Bahl?
(a) A teacher at Ray Page's Flying School.
(b) A mechanic.
(c) A war pilot.
(d) A barnstormer.

9. How long did Lindbergh sleep after landing?
(a) 10 hours.
(b) 2 hours.
(c) 14 hours.
(d) 6 hours.

10. Why did Lindbergh name his plane The Spirit of St. Louis?
(a) To honor his patron's origins.
(b) To establish St. Louis as an aviation mecca.
(c) To honor his birthplace.
(d) To memorialize the pioneer spirit.

11. What was the reaction to Lindbergh's transatlantic flight?
(a) He became a hermit.
(b) He became a celebrity.
(c) He became a controversial figure.
(d) He became a pariah.

12. What was C.A. Lindbergh's birth name?
(a) Morrow.
(b) Mansson.
(c) Mansfield.
(d) Lindbergh.

13. How did Charles Lindbergh help his father's political campaign?
(a) By driving him around the country.
(b) By writing for his advertisements.
(c) By organizing his campaign.
(d) By soliciting support for him.

14. How did Lindbergh approach Paris?
(a) From Spain.
(b) From the south.
(c) From Normandy.
(d) From England.

15. What kind of celebration was Lindbergh treated to in New York?
(a) A dance party.
(b) A christening at a new airport.
(c) A ticker tape parade.
(d) An honorary doctorate.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much was Lindbergh estimated to have earned as a result of his transatlantic flight?

2. What was Le Bourget like when Lindbergh landed?

3. What did Charles Lindbergh prefer to do during college?

4. Why did police attend Lindbergh's departure for Europe?

5. Why did Lindbergh nearly die from his stunt?

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