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Short Answer Questions

1. What city is the focus of Annie's thoughts in the epilogue of the memoir?

2. Which of the following is NOT a city where boys of good crop come from?

3. How old was Andrew Carnegie when he became superintendent of the Pennsylvania railroad?

4. How does Annie feel about having to attend church on Sundays?

5. Where is the moth in Annie's fifth grade class kept?

Short Essay Questions

1. What fantasies about food rationing does Annie frequently have as a child?

2. What horrifying sight does Annie see when she returns home from summer camp after a four week vacation from her bug collection?

3. What does Annie imagine life would be like if an atom bomb were dropped on her neighborhood?

4. Why does the mother Mrs. McVicker had in a jar fascinate Annie so thoroughly?

5. What types of things does Mother fight for within her social circles?

6. What experience with butterflies stops Annie from continuing with her insect collection?

7. Who does Annie fall in love with while at the Sewickley Dance?

8. What happens to Oma after Opa died?

9. What does Annie find most fascinating about the French-Indian War?

10. How does Annie feel about her mother's position in life?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Annie decided to title her memoir "An American Childhood." Do you think this is a fitting title for her memoir? Why or why not? Do you think Annie's experiences can speak for the typical American child? Why or why not? How does Annie manage to write about American childhoods even though she is writing from an extremely privileged socioeconomic status?

Essay Topic 2

As a teenager, Annie describes herself as wild and troubled. First, give at least two examples of behaviors which were considered unacceptable in Annie's household and what the consequences of these actions were in Annie's life. Then, explain how Annie saved herself from what she has described as a life of destruction?

Essay Topic 3

In school, Annie's class hatches the larvae of a Polyphemus moth. First, explain Annie's emotions at the anticipation of the moth's hatching. Then, explain the devastating effects of captivity on the classroom moth. Finally, describe Annie's emotions when she sees the moth set free.

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