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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two: Pages 73 through 100.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Annie Dillard imagines everything leaving her brain, what is the one thing she thinks will remain?
(a) Her own name.
(b) The faces of her loved ones.
(c) Topology.
(d) The state capitals.

2. After returning from the Mississippi, where does Annie's father find a job?
(a) At a televisions station.
(b) At a newspaper.
(c) At a film studio.
(d) At a radio station.

3. During which decade does Annie's childhood take place?
(a) 1970's.
(b) 1940's.
(c) 1960's.
(d) 1950's.

4. Which part of Annie's parents' bodies is she obsessed with as a child of five?
(a) Their skin.
(b) Their eyes.
(c) Their teeth.
(d) Their hair.

5. Which of the following sports does Jo Anne Sheehy participate in?
(a) Lacrosse.
(b) Ice skating.
(c) Field hockey.
(d) Water polo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What fascinates Annie most about the book "The Fields and Streams of Pittsburgh"?

2. During her lessons, how does Annie feel in comparison to the rest of the children?

3. How does Annie feel when she is approached by homeless people in the park?

4. What sport does Annie play throughout her childhood?

5. How does Annie feel when her mother brings her to meet the neighborhood nuns?

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