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John Green (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Colin say will eventually swallow everyone up?
(a) The future.
(b) The present.
(c) The past.
(d) The mystery.

2. What does Colin tell Hassan he is going to do?
(a) Find Lindsey.
(b) Not go to college.
(c) Go burn his notebook.
(d) Go camping.

3. What is Hassa reviewing the next morning when Colin comes downstairs?
(a) The Wall Street Journal.
(b) The Confederate.
(c) Profit and loss statements.
(d) The New Yorker.

4. Where do Hassan and Colin decide to go eat breakfast?
(a) Downstairs in the kitchen.
(b) The drugstore counter.
(c) Hardee's.
(d) McDonalds.

5. What does Lindsey teach Colin how to do?
(a) Run the tractor.
(b) Shoot a shotgun.
(c) Tie several types of knots.
(d) Shoot a bow.

6. Who is beaten up in the graveyard?
(a) Lindsey's boyfriend.
(b) Katrina.
(c) Lindsey and three others.
(d) No one.

7. What error does Lindsey think Colin is making in his theorem?
(a) Too much emphasis on name.
(b) Not enough variables.
(c) Too much emphasis on the girl and not on Colin.
(d) Too many variables.

8. Who was considered the prettiest girl in Colin's class in his junior year?
(a) Hassan's twin sister.
(b) Hassan's older sister.
(c) Marie.
(d) Katherine XIX.

9. What does Lindsey tell Colin she did?
(a) Called Katherine XIX.
(b) Read his notebook.
(c) Talked to Colin's mother.
(d) Asked her mother to let them work another week.

10. What does Colin wake to a week later?
(a) The sound of someone yelling in the backyard.
(b) The ring of his cell phone.
(c) The sound of a rooster and Hassan praying.
(d) A loud bang coming from the barn.

11. What does Hassan record with the machine they have been using for interviews?
(a) Confessions from Lindsey's Colin and Katrina.
(b) The sounds of someone screaming.
(c) The squeal of a wild boar.
(d) The sounds of gunshots.

12. What useful bit of information do Colin and Hassan use that they learned during an interview?
(a) That a pig can only see a range of twenty degees sidewards.
(b) That hogs are more likely to attack than to run.
(c) That chewing tobacco is good for hornet stings.
(d) That pigs are more likely to run than to attack.

13. What does Colin agree to do the next weekend with Lindsey?
(a) Go hunting.
(b) Play Paintball.
(c) Go to a concert in Memphis.
(d) Participate in a croquet tournament.

14. What do Lindsey and Hassan share at some friends' house?
(a) A beer.
(b) Some old beef jerky.
(c) Half a bottle of wine.
(d) Stories about being the nerds at school.

15. What does Colin say to Lindsey's boyfriend in reply?
(a) That Hassan does not want to see his father yet.
(b) That they will not say anything.
(c) That they had just seen Lindsey.
(d) That they left Colin's father at the beginning of the hunt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lindsey tell her mother she is going to do with Colin?

2. Why do the three young people go to the other side of town?

3. What does Colin do while Hassan and Lindsey are out?

4. Who is Katrina?

5. How long does it take Colin and Hassan to reconcile?

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