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John Green (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first thing the three young people notice when they arrive in Memphis?
(a) Lindsey's ex-boyfriend's car is in front of his mother's house.
(b) The warehouse parking lot is empty.
(c) There are several police cars at the music store.
(d) Hollis' car is at the warehouse.

2. What does Colin say Hassan cannot make Colin do?
(a) Find a girlfriend with a different name.
(b) Give up Katherine XIX.
(c) Go home yet.
(d) Go hunting.

3. What does Colin finish when the three young people return home?
(a) The theorem.
(b) A letter to Katherine XIX.
(c) Tuning Lindsey's guitar.
(d) Writing a song.

4. What does Hassan say he has done for the next semester?
(a) Gotten a job in the bookstore at the community college.
(b) Applied to a school in California.
(c) Asked his aunt to live with her family and go to school there.
(d) Enrolled in two college courses.

5. Where do the three young people notice a man running a bulldozer?
(a) Behind the warehouse.
(b) In the empty lot by Lindsey's aunt's house.
(c) On the street near Marketplace.
(d) In the empty lot next to the music store.

6. Why does Lindsey teach Colin what she teaches him?
(a) Just to give him an experience he's never had.
(b) He is curious about the gears.
(c) So he is not embarrassed the next weekend.
(d) So he can hang a swing over the creek for her.

7. Why do Colin and Hassan tell the leader to go on without them?
(a) Colin and Hassan are hoping to find Lindsey.
(b) Colin and Hassan are still sleepy.
(c) Colin and Hassan cannot keep up.
(d) Colin and Hassan are hoping not to have to shoot anything.

8. What does Hassan tell Colin they are going to do over the weekend?
(a) Hunt pigs with some of Lindsey's friends.
(b) Go to a truck smash.
(c) Go to a skating rink.
(d) Go to watch roller derby.

9. Where does Hollis drive after visiting the factory?
(a) Nashville.
(b) Chattanooga.
(c) Memphis.
(d) Paducah.

10. What does Lindsey tell Colin she did?
(a) Called Katherine XIX.
(b) Talked to Colin's mother.
(c) Read his notebook.
(d) Asked her mother to let them work another week.

11. What does Lindsey teach Colin how to do?
(a) Tie several types of knots.
(b) Shoot a shotgun.
(c) Shoot a bow.
(d) Run the tractor.

12. Who will Colin and Hassan interview next?
(a) Hollis' great aunt and uncle.
(b) Some people in the old folks' home.
(c) An elderly ranch hand.
(d) Some of the young people at the fair.

13. Why doesn't Colin end up going out on a date with Marie in his junior year?
(a) Marie gets ill.
(b) Colin gets ill.
(c) Marie changes her mind.
(d) Katherine I asks him to help her.

14. What wakes Colin up on Thursday morning?
(a) The rooster is on the windowsill of his bedroom.
(b) Lindsey jumping on his bed.
(c) Hollis is yelling through the door.
(d) Hassan snoring.

15. What does Lindsey say they could do instead of stopping at their next choice of eating places?
(a) Stop in the middle of the road and be.
(b) Just keep going.
(c) Go take Mabel out to visit her husband's grave.
(d) Go back and she'll cook at home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lindsey's boyfriend do?

2. What does Lindsey think was a way of Hollis raising money?

3. Where do the three young people decide to go to eat instead of the place they first chose?

4. Who seems to have a memory problem?

5. Who is really buried in the grave that is said to be the Archduke's?

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