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John Green (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hassan tell Colin they are going to do over the weekend?
(a) Go to a skating rink.
(b) Hunt pigs with some of Lindsey's friends.
(c) Go to a truck smash.
(d) Go to watch roller derby.

2. To what bird does Hassan compare Colin?
(a) Egret.
(b) Vulture.
(c) Eagle.
(d) Crow.

3. What does Hassan record with the machine they have been using for interviews?
(a) The squeal of a wild boar.
(b) The sounds of gunshots.
(c) The sounds of someone screaming.
(d) Confessions from Lindsey's Colin and Katrina.

4. What is the topic of conversation that Colin and Lindsey over hear Hollis having?
(a) Lindsey's college prospects.
(b) Colin.
(c) The factory's tax situation.
(d) About disposing of some trash.

5. Who is really buried in the grave that is said to be the Archduke's?
(a) Lindsey's great-great grandfather.
(b) The founder of Gutshot.
(c) No one.
(d) Lindsey's great grandfather.

6. What does Hassan do when Lindsey arrives with two other boys?
(a) Shows Lindsey a picture Hassan takes with his cell phone.
(b) Plays the recording he made.
(c) Tells Lindsey that Katrina is not a good friend.
(d) Tells Lindsey he has to go home with his father.

7. What happens when Colin fires at a wild pig?
(a) He hits a hornet's nest instead.
(b) He hits a squirrel.
(c) The recoil knocks him on his rump.
(d) He wounds the pig but does not kill it.

8. What do Colin and Lindsey drink when Lindsey shows him the secret?
(a) Whiskey.
(b) Beer.
(c) Moonshine.
(d) Honeysuckle nectar.

9. What does Lindsey do instead of having breakfast with Colin and Hassan?
(a) Go feed the chickens.
(b) Go open the convenience store.
(c) Help her mother.
(d) Go visit Mabel.

10. What does Hassan scream in the graveyard?
(a) That he is through with hunting.
(b) That he is through with Kentucky girls.
(c) That he is the greatest hunter on the planet.
(d) That he is breaking up with Katrina.

11. What does Colin finish when the three young people return home?
(a) Writing a song.
(b) A letter to Katherine XIX.
(c) Tuning Lindsey's guitar.
(d) The theorem.

12. According to Colin, whose name is anagrammed?
(a) Lindsey's.
(b) Katherine the XIX.
(c) The Archduke Ferdinand.
(d) Lindsey's great grandfather.

13. Why do Colin and Hassan use some chewing tobacco?
(a) To look tough in front of the other guys.
(b) In a spitting contest.
(c) On their hornet stings.
(d) They want to experience the full nuances of the hunt.

14. Why do the three young people go to the other side of town?
(a) To find Lindsey's mother.
(b) To talk to the other Colin.
(c) To talk to Katrina.
(d) To visit a nursing home.

15. How long does it take Colin and Hassan to reconcile?
(a) Within minutes.
(b) They did not fight.
(c) Until the next day.
(d) After Lindsey plays referee.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Hollis burying the string?

2. What useful bit of information do Colin and Hassan use that they learned during an interview?

3. What does an elderly woman at the nursing home say that seems to impact Lindsey emotionally?

4. Where does Colin really go?

5. What does Hollis tell Colin and Hassan to do on Thursday?

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