An Abundance of Katherines Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Green (author)
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Chapters 1 and 2

• Colin Singleton has just been dumped by his nineteenth girlfriend. Her name is Katherine like his first eighteen girlfriends.

• Colin's mother and father are waiting for him in his room and his father says Katherine called his father.

• Katherine and Colin's parents are concerned about him. Colin runs into the bathroom and throws up.

• Colin spends the next 14 hours alone in his room reading and rereading his yearbook.

• Colin's best friend, Hassan, bursts into Colin's room, and Colin tells him Katherine the 19th dumped him.
• Hassan tells him to snap out of it. Colin tells him he fears Colin will never use his prodigy status to become a genius.

• Colin says the difference between a prodigy and a genius is that a genius does things.

Chapters 3 and 4

• Hassan and Colin convince Colin's parents that he and Hassan be allowed to take a road trip for the...

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