Objects & Places from Amos Fortune: Free Man

Elizabeth Yates
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Bamboo Withes

These are the ties that the slavers use to bind At-mun, when he is first taken captive.


While the slavers are leading the At-mun-shi people out of their village, they beat At-mun with this, leaving scars he would carry his entire life.

The Pits

The slavers would place the newly acquired slaves into these in order to subdue their spirits and to weed out the weaker ones.

The Bible

This is the book Mrs. Copeland uses to teach both Amos and her own children how to read and write.


It is here that At-mun is taken when he leaves the slave ship and where Mr. Copeland buys him without bidding.


Amos learns this trade from his second owner, Mr. Richardson, and uses that knowledge to make his living as a free man.


This is the paper that declares a slave a free...

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